Dodgy supply

The story of the day is the Australian Federal Police announcement that it has seized 585 kilograms of the drug ice after an anonymous tip-off.

Dr Mumbo sees the story is everywhere including The Daily Telegraph’s website where they have a photo of the seizure sources from “AFP/Twitter”.

But exactly who posted the picture? 

A screen shot of the Daily Telegraph website.

A screen shot of the Daily Telegraph website.

Dr Mumbo appears to have found the Twitter peep who posted that photograph…

Gridneff Twitter

Would be the same Ilya Gridneff who covers crime for the Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald?

Gridneff profile


Why yes it would.


  1. Sydney
    28 Feb 13
    2:38 pm

  2. Hardly the world’s worst crime though, is it. It’s still an AFP-supplied image. Kinda unnecessary to even attribute it to “Twitter” really.