Wake Up with friends… on Seven

To Seven’s big bash at The Star in Sydney and one of the slickest TV upfronts presentations the Australian industry has yet seen.

And without it ever being mentioned, poor old Ten was the ghost at the feast.

As well as a couple of wry references to being a network whose shows actually rated, Dr Mumbo enjoyed the slideshow preceding the presentation.

The headline next to a picture of the Sunrise team? “Wake up with friends”.

Wake Up of course being the name of the new Ten breakfast show masterminded by former Sunrise boss Adam Boland.


  1. john hollands
    25 Oct 13
    8:56 pm

  2. and..and..and…

    Funny how TODAY (9) has been giving away cash but THIS WEEK has decided to give away cash and cars.

    Wow! What a great promotion, I sure won’t be watching anything else, no matter how new… even on TEN!!!!