Broadcasters meet content quota obligations – but lean on NZ to get there

Australia’s free to air networks met their obligations on airing locally created drama content – but increased their reliance on NZ made shows to get there, annual numbers from the Australian Communications and Media Authority suggest.

According to the ACMA, Ten sailed closest to the 55% minimum, averaging 62%. Seven and Nine were both on 66%.

The quota covers what must be aired between 6am and midnight. NZ must be counted because of trade agreements between the two countries.

“Australian content quotas have played an important role in maintaining the production of quality Australian stories and programs to screen on commercial free-to-air television,’ said, ACMA chairman Chris Chapman. However, the ACMA notes that the amount of New Zealand drama programming claimed as first release Australian drama quota has been increasing.”

Meanwhile, all three networks aired a higher proportion of foreign made ads than ever before.

Ten was the highest with 15.72% – up from 14.84% last year. Seven was up from 12.72% to 13.52%. And Nine was up from 9.17% to 9.83%.

A total of 80% of ads aired between 6am and midnight must be Australian produced.

According to classification data, there were 3635 foreign made ads in 2011 – up from 3065 in 2010.

The number of Australian made ads fell from 80,284 to 75,644.

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