Dr Mumbo

Cross racial stereotypes off your list. The maid is of no particular race

Here’s an excellent idea for a promotion for Olay created by Arnold Furnace. Win a cleaner for a year.

Or, as Dr Mumbo’s correspondent puts it:  “Relax white woman.. while Asian woman cleans your lovely home…”

Naturally, a P&G spokesperson begs to differ, issuing the following comment:

Olay is a brand enjoyed by women of all races around the world and is designed with the skincare needs of all women in mind. The image you reference in the ‘win a cleaner’ promotion in no way depicts a particular race and the women is in fact blurred so as not to identify with a particular demographic.”

And just to help P&G clear up this misunderstanding, is anybody able to find the original picture in a stock image library?



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