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Flame Artist (Full Time)

FINCH & NAKATOMI are looking for a brilliant intermediate to senior Flame Artist, who’s creative and very good at other stuff too.

We solve hard problems. We’ve been helping close the gender inequality gap in engineering; asking people to become a giant squid and save the world; producing gorgeous visuals to drive blood donations.

At the core of the solution to all these hard problems is rad and incredibly creative team.

The fun thing about working here is your part in the team is integral. Everyone has the agency to create, make and build.

We use every tool at our disposal, and invent new ones to solve problems. It’s why it’s so hard to write a job description; it’s not just a Flame Artist.

There ARE some essential qualities you’d need to have:

– You’ll have 4+ years experience in the VFX world
– Amazing initiative.
– You’re a nice person.
– Attention to detail.
– A degree in Film/Art (MAYBE). Obviously, experience and your portfolio negate this.
– Communication and organisation are key.
– The presentation of your work, be it visual or written, is beautiful.
– You like music! Maybe you make some yourself?
– You’ve been on quite a few film sets in the VFX supe role.
– A high-level of commercials-based compositing systems experience

Since we are pretty picky about getting the right people, you’ll do an interview and then a quick aptitude test. Don’t let that freak you out, we are also nice. The aptitude test will be you showing us a 1 frame of white style Flame jam and some cool Flame things you like. We use the latest version of Flame 2019.

Must be eligible to work in Australia and New Zealand.


The Finch Company


Contact andy@finchcompany.com



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