Mumbrella360 – the third. Want to get involved?

Two years ago we nearly bit off more than we could chew when we announced the launch of Mumbrella360.

Looking back at that original post, two things strike me.

First, we were right in saying what would make Mumbrella360 different would be the help and involvement of the industry.

And second, I can’t quite believe how quickly we’ve moved in just two years. Mumbrella360 is now the biggest marketing event of its type in Australia, with an audited total attendance of 1020 last year. And in September Mumbrella360 was named conference of the year by the Australian Event Awards.

mUmBRELLA360logo 2012

So now I’m asking for your help a third time.

Mumbrella360 will take place on June 5 and 6. We’ll be back at The Hilton in Sydney. This year, for the first time, the Mumbrella Awards will be part of the event too. It’ll be a big couple of days.

So how can you get involved?

As ever, some of the best sessions have been curated by those within the industry. We saw individuals, agencies and companies come up with great ideas. With five simultaneous streams last year I didn’t get to see them all at first hand. But Stump The Strategist, ChangeOneThing, The Cock-up Confessional, TV and Twitter and the live PR crisis are among those that immediately come to mind of the dozens that took place.

We tried a few experiments. Some worked – one by Naked in the first year comes to mind. Other formats did not entirely. If we’re taking enough risks this time round, we ought to fall on our backsides a couple times more.

And we do want to take things to a new level this time round.

So we’d love to hear your proposals.

First, for a 45-minute session you’d be keen to curate. We’d like to hear your thoughts about topic, format and who might speak. It sounds obvious, but you’d actually need to be able to deliver the speakers you discuss. It’s fair to say that the percentage of people who could actually deliver Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates was 100% lower than the number who suggested them for a panel. The more original and involving your idea would be for the audience, the more excited you will make us.

Be creative and provocative with your proposal for both topic and format. Pitch that radical idea you’ve always wanted to see at an event: we’re happy to work with you to bring it to life.

Second, we’re going to introduce a new stream – Ten Minute Talks. If you’ve got a topic you want to talk on – with or without slides, we’d love to hear from you. I’m not sure of the topic yet, but I think I might come out of the comfort zone and take a crack at one myself.

Third, we’ll be putting together many sessions ourselves. So if you’ve an expertise in a particular topic that you fancy debating on a wider panel, then let us know.

As you may have read, my colleague Cathie McGinn moved into the new role of creative director at our parent company Focal Attractions. She’ll be helping ensure we create some new formats of our own this time round.

Before we start locking down that program, we want to hear from you. So send your thoughts to our event producer Denise Jinks. You can email her at denise@focalattractions.com.au.

Two years ago, I said that I didn’t want Mumbrella360 to be like every other conference. Thanks to you, it’s not. Let’s do it again.

Tim Burrowes



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