Should you metaverse? (and if yes, how?): a flowchart

Paul Cotton, head of ideas at Jack Morton, has created a flowchart on why brands should enter the metaverse, offering very simple, in plain terms language what the metaverse is and if your brand should enter it.

As it stands today, the metaverse is a broad, difficult to define concept.

The term is an umbrella for a collection of Internet technologies from immersive 3D worlds through to monetised digital artefacts. What ties them together is the idea of persistence. These virtual spaces, avatars, real estate, objects and artworks permanently exist online – much like their physical equivalents exist in the “real” world.

The metaverse is very much a thing that’s “on its way” rather than “definitely here”. It’s the beginning of blurred lines that allow the digital to be treated with the same gravity as the real.
Just because it’s the beginning doesn’t mean you can’t get involved, which is cool but the big question for your brand is… should YOU metaverse? (and if yes, then how?)

Luckily for you, there’s a fancy flowchart to help you understand some of the key metaverse pathways you can take today, whether you’re ready and heck, whether you even want to.

If you want to dive right in, open the flowchart via the link below:

Click here to open: Flowchart_Should_You_Metaverse (PDF)

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s why it exists.

There are a lot of opinion pieces out there. A lot of specific predictions about the future with vague explanations as to how we get there. And they’re fun! It’s great to think about what the Internet might look like in 10 years and to start mentally gearing up for it… but it’s not particularly useful for right now.

What’s useful now, is some guidance on what’s out there and some context around why it might or might not be right for your brand. That’s what this is about – hope you get some solid, practical use out of it.

But it doesn’t include everything, it’s a big wild digital world out there. Here are a few bonus thoughts on why getting aboard the metaverse train before it leaves its first station could be a good idea.

Start developing your process
With a lot of digital focus on the horizon, it makes sense to start getting your process down pat now. If you make products, then start making digital twins. If you provide a service, start establishing new ways to connect with your customers. You don’t need to go all the way – but at least when the time comes, you’ll be prepared.

Stake your claim
Much like the social media account landgrabs of the past, many platforms operate on unique usernames. Do you want to fight someone else for your brand account name or is it better to just pocket it now and have a presence?

Stuff it up now
And learn for later. Right now everyone is still in a learning phase – media and consumers are both more forgiving of mistakes at this stage of the hype cycle. Now, I’m not saying it’s okay to make big whiffs – but if your initial foray is a little rough around the edges… that’s expected! You went in first, you’re on the bleeding edge.

Stay at the front
Not only are there headline opportunities, world firsts and bold exciting claims to make… but it makes sure your brand is staying sharp as well. Being future-focused isn’t just fun, it’s profitable.

With any luck, that has answered more questions than it created for you and created some solid guidance around whether you’re ready to jump into the metaverse… and when you do (because eventually, you will!) what to do when you get there.

Paul Cotton, head of ideas at Jack Morton


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