Dr Mumbo

The eight most creative ways to get a job in adland

Dr Mumbo delights in the increasingly leftfield ways industry folk create to get themselves a new job.

So he’s prepared a list of his top eight picks:

  1. The skirt for hire 
  2. The man with a sandwich board
  3. a fake lesbian wedding,
  4. the Google Maps application,
  5. no-coverage no-fee PR stunt,
  6. the job hunt blog,
  7. the video blog
  8. And this latest, by social media strategist James Coyne harnesses the power of social media, using the hashtag #JobforJames to promote his cause.

Coyne has offered ‘incentives’ for supporters. His latest incentives have included a naughty drawing and a chicken dance.

james coyne Dr Mumbo understands Coyne was made redundant and has six weeks to find a new job.
Tweet him to degrade him for money, or even offer him a job: @JamesCoyne.




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