VicRoads says ‘don’t be a dickhead’ in new online campaign

VicRoads, the Victorian road authority, has today launched provocative video ads to promote road safety, telling young drivers “Don’t be a dickhead”.

The series of video clips focus on preventing people from using the their mobile phones while driving and also targets people who don’t wear their seat belts.

In one ad, a man sitting in a dimly lit room is shown taking a hammer to a lap top, with a the voice over stating: “If you don’t wear your seat belt we’ll turn off Facebook. Don’t be a dickhead, wear your seat belt”.

Among those involved in creating the campaign include Downwind Productions’ Dan Ilic who is also a presenter of ABC1’s Hungry Beast.

Meanwhile in December, the state’s Transport Accident Commission posted on its YouTube channel a video montage of 20 years of its often graphic road safety ad campaigns. It became the third most-viewed sponsored Australian channel on the video-sharing website.



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