Bonds stages battle of the undies dance-offs

Bond’s has released a new ad campaign to show off its full range of underwear.

Taglined ‘Shop your Shape’, the 60-second ad showcases the different styles of Bonds products represented by various dance moves, which are to be portrayed through 30-second dance-offs to break on Sunday.

The first of the 30-second versions pits The Hipsters versus The Quick Drys.

The Cool Its versus The GuyFront trunks:

The Comfy Tops versus The Tails:

The campaign also has a Facebook app, developed by WiTH Collective, that allows users to ‘explore their shape’ and enter a draw ‘to win a drawer full of undies’.

The agency behind the campaign was Banjo Advertising.


  1. Matt Ramsey
    15 Aug 12
    2:00 pm

  2. Totes brillo! It is, how you say in English, a quality piece of work.

  3. Michael Cromer
    15 Aug 12
    2:11 pm

  4. Usually the struggle is “make it entertaining” vs “show more of my brand”. I love how it is fabulous to watch, whilst also being all about the undies.

  5. richie
    15 Aug 12
    2:29 pm

  6. thats wicked

  7. Macsmutterings
    15 Aug 12
    2:55 pm

  8. “LIKE”

  9. Dani @ Fitness Food and Style
    15 Aug 12
    2:59 pm

  10. SENSATIONAL!!! LOVE IT!! Very clever…

    Gotta get me some, the six pack. Kidding! It’s all about the undies! THANKS! Hubby and I need a refresh in that department! XxDani

  11. Jo
    15 Aug 12
    3:13 pm

  12. Love this ad!

  13. Red
    15 Aug 12
    3:28 pm

  14. Very nice work.

  15. AdGrunt
    15 Aug 12
    4:00 pm

  16. Another delightful execution from Bonds.

    I wonder if MTR & Collective Gout will go apoplectic at the sight of semi-naked bodies cavorting around?

  17. Katie
    15 Aug 12
    6:26 pm

  18. Go Banjo! Love it!!

  19. robokop
    16 Aug 12
    12:44 am

  20. beyonce’s single ladies + uniqlo

  21. Paddy
    16 Aug 12
    1:19 pm

  22. “Like”

  23. Jodes
    17 Aug 12
    8:25 am

  24. Sure, its pretty, nicely filmed, but here’s the thing. You can’t shop your size on the Bonds website. Nope, no size select. Which means you have to tediously click on every effing style to see if they will actually do the size you want. And for women size 18-26 the choices are extremely limited. Granny pants in black/white/nude? PASS.