Foxtel consolidates creative into Clems; The Monkeys, Dynamix and Lavender lose out

Foxtel has announced its roster of creative agencies following the merger with Austar, which sees The Monkeys, Dynamix and Lavender move off the business.

The entire account will be consolidated into Clemenger BBDO Group, with Melbourne-based CHE taking on the bulk of the company’s creative work.

The news comes on a bad day for The Monkeys, which earlier today Mumbrella revealed parted ways with key client Diageo.

Foxtel is to stick with its media and digital agency set up, which includes Publicis Media, Foundation Works and Outrider.

Chantal Walker, marketing director for Foxtel, said: “Foxtel believes that the scale and scope of the Clemenger Group will give us the resources we need to build on the strength of the Foxtel brand in our current markets to create a truly national one that all Australia loves.”

“We would like to thank Dynamix, Lavender and The Monkeys for the fabulous creative work they have done over the years for both Austar and Foxtel.”


  1. Chantels foxhell
    31 May 12
    4:53 pm

  2. Lucky Monkeys, Dynamix and Lavender, and if CHE is being handed the creative duites, luck Clems Sydney.

  3. Cirlcing Sharks
    31 May 12
    5:26 pm

  4. I’d wager there are three sets of agency staff rejoicing at this news, and none of them work for Clems.

  5. bob is a rabbit
    1 Jun 12
    8:00 am

  6. The only problem is, some of them probably won’t be working for anyone soon – we often forget when a client goes, its almost inevitable agency staff go too.

  7. Steve
    1 Jun 12
    9:24 am

  8. Who’s been doing foxtels recent work? It’s good. The AFL ad with Buddy was great and the new wedding one isn’t bad either.

  9. another adult
    1 Jun 12
    10:52 am

  10. Finally 2 sensible comments. The work is good and managing multiple agencies is hard and expensive…

  11. Ed Smith
    1 Jun 12
    11:18 am

  12. A very very tough decision, sad that we can’t take all the great agencies that work on Foxtel and Austar with us.
    @chantels foxtell and circling sharks – there isn’t a more fun product to work on, watch us and our brand become the best client an agency could hope for.

  13. Bob
    1 Jun 12
    7:37 pm

  14. Ed Smith… great aspiration for a client

  15. Bob
    1 Jun 12
    9:23 pm

  16. I think my post was edited for legal reasons….

    which tells you something :p

  17. mumbrella
    2 Jun 12
    11:32 am

  18. Hi Bob,

    You are correct. I usually add a note to that effect but forgot to do so on this occasion. My apologies.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  19. fleshpeddler
    2 Jun 12
    7:15 pm

  20. surely time for BWM to get involved Chantal?