contest invites its users to ‘Expose our logo’

Outsourcing portal is once again asking its 3m users to do its marketing for it, with a US$25,000 contest for the best video clip of the company’s humming bird logo.

By registering at, users have been tasked to ‘Expose Our Logo’ to as wide an audience as possible.

There is a US$10,000 major prize, a People’s Choice Award for US$5,000 and cash prizes for Best Music Video, Most Creative Video, Most People Involved and Biggest Logo.

In 2010, the contest winner organised a cast of hundreds, all wearing t-shirts, into parading a banner longer than a bus through the streets of Rajshahi in Bangladesh, before throwing a party.

“ is like a small country,” said Matt Barrie,’s CEO. “We just overtook Mongolia for population. Our Expose Our Logo contest is a great opportunity for our users, no matter where they live, to show how ingenious and creative they can be.”

The contest is now open and ends on 31 January 2012.


  1. ML
    17 Nov 11
    3:25 pm

  2. yet another attempt at devaluing creatives

    paying $15k for an idea an disguising it as a competition, is a bit pathetic

    all brands and companies need to be self-supportive

  3. SR
    8 Dec 11
    12:40 pm

  4. How is it devaluing creatives, ML? They’re asking their user base to promote the logo wherever they are, video the event, and potentially win a lot of cash. That’s all.