Fremantle’s family feud

There are always winners and losers in the ratings race. But Dr Mumbo predicts there to be one big winner tomorrow night. Production company FremantleMedia has three shows up against each other – at the same time. 

In the Network Seven corner, at 7.30pm is polished fighter The X Factor, which returned last night on 1.6m.

In Ten’s corner, at 7.30pm is the unknown quantity of I Will Survive, which premieres tonight.

And in the Nine corner, at 8pm for a half hour overlap is the rough and tumble The Farmer Wants a Wife, which pulled 909,000 last Wednesday.

Place your bets below.


  1. Krystal
    21 Aug 12
    1:21 pm

  2. Well I won’t be watching any of them. Rather watch a Doctor Who repeat on ABC2 than any of that cr@p. But based on last night’s ratings, I’d say X Factor should come out on top.

  3. Harry Ell
    21 Aug 12
    2:34 pm

  4. I note the extensive, and frankly, navel-gazing argument ( around Paul Cotton’s intelligent piece on the ability of the technoscienti to get exactly the light entertainment they feel like at any given time. Scott Rhodie has a US iTunes account, I use cross-border proxies like, others may employ more liberal methods to torrent what they’re after.

    In the meantime we get these expensive, moronic “reality” shows tht insult and demean both the viewer and the participant, all in the name of entertainment.

    At home we discuss what we’d like to see over dinner, and I dig out permissible ways of seeing them, usually with the adblocker on my browser turned on.

  5. Bev
    21 Aug 12
    6:35 pm

  6. Poor Channel 10 will come in last again. X factor had a great start last night and Farmer has an ongoing audience.

  7. Sane
    21 Aug 12
    7:23 pm

  8. I will survive- will not. Xfactor was great last night-lots of young talent which should be encouraged, Dont tell the bride- I wont. Channel 10 will fail.