How Masterchef rules Twitter

If ever there was a programme that’s been living by Twitter, it’s Ten’s Masterchef.  

Even if you’ve no interest in the show, it’s impossible to miss the day’s developments if you’re on Twitter when the show airs.

This graph gives an excellent sense of what happens as the programme goes out:


  1. Ben
    14 Jul 09
    10:53 pm

  2. the talk on twitter around masterchef when it’s on air is amazing, as is the talk the next day around office kitchens, watercoolers etc. it’s a phenomenon that reminds me of the first seasons of BB and Idol in the way it has captured peoples attention.

  3. Greg
    15 Jul 09
    7:52 am

  4. Despite Chris’s douchebag hashtag I believe that the phenomenom of MasterChef can be put down to no overt bitchiness. Everyone seems to support each other or at least not overtly tip sh*t on each other as they do in BB and other reality TV progrs. It’s interesting, the set ups are interesting and the people have a passion about what they do.

  5. Luan
    15 Jul 09
    9:11 am

  6. Phenomenon is an understatement.. It gets addictive after one viewing. It’s got, drama, passion, no ego’s from the chef’s or the judges, everyone wants to win, but are still supoprtive of each other.. It’s like it’s anti reality tv. I think wholesome family viewing is coming back.. Masterchef, Talkin bout your gen, Packed to the rafters, Thank god you’re here, Spicks and specks..

  7. Tom Dodson
    15 Jul 09
    11:39 am

  8. Luan, your kidding right? No ego’s from the judges? Everyone is supportive? No bitchiness??

    Are we watching the same show?

  9. Luan
    15 Jul 09
    12:37 pm

  10. Well, less so than big brother, idol, Supermodel, Runway, etc..

    You have to admit compared to anything done by Gordon Ramsey, Masterchef is the perfect (with a capital “P”) family viewing..

  11. DYAS
    15 Jul 09
    2:19 pm

  12. Cant wait for “dance your ass off” —

    its a combo of biggest loser & SYTYCD – what a winning combo

  13. KimberleyL
    15 Jul 09
    2:46 pm

  14. Another great example of Twitter adding exceptional value to what could have been average television viewing. Masterchef has the right ingredients of a ‘reality show’ for right now – something the whole family can watch, a contestant we can all relate to or relate to someone we know, home cooking and voting people off.

  15. Chris
    20 Jul 09
    2:34 pm

  16. I think what made this show so bearable was the lack of live studio audience from start to finish. No screaming losers in the background holding up signs and chanting contestants names and squealing as they plate up their final dishes.


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