John Laws: I’d like to return to radio (and Kyle’s annoying and stupid)

Broadcasting legend John Laws wants to get back on air, he hinted today.

In an interview broadcast on Vega in Sydney this morning to mark the launch of digital radio, Laws – nicknamed the Golden Tonsils – sent the strongest signal yet that he wants to come back.  

He retired from 2UE in November 2007. In the interview, the 74-year-old said:

“I miss it all quite a lot. I would be telling a lie if I said I did not miss it because I do, partiocularly when there are issues that I would like to be involved in and make mischief.

“If somebody asked me at the right time I would probably do it because I do miss it. And I miss it when there are things going on that I think need an irreverent look.”

He revealed that he occasionally rings the regular callers to his show.

Laws also attacked Austereo’s Kyle Sandilands, whose show is currently off the air following the furore over a 14-year-old girl who revealed on air that she had been raped.

Laws said: “I think Kyle Sandilands is a figment of his own imagination, frankly. I think he’s reasonably devoid of talent. I don’t think he has an exceptional voice. Were I to meet him I’m sure I’d find him a very annoying person. And I think in addition to being annoying, we would be not unreasonable to think he was stupid.”


  1. Andrew P
    6 Aug 09
    3:37 pm

  2. But tell us the truth John, what do you really think of Kyle. Don’t sugar coat it, be brutally honest lol

  3. KerryJ
    6 Aug 09
    3:46 pm

  4. Let he who is not morally bankrupt cast the first stone (hint John, put your rock down).

  5. Law man
    6 Aug 09
    3:48 pm

  6. “I don’t think he has an exceptional voice”

    heh laws

  7. MMMMM
    6 Aug 09
    4:12 pm

  8. Although I don’t think Kyle has a great voice, let’s face it, John Laws wouldn’t have listened to the radio piece in question. If he did, he would know that it was the Mother who should be in hot water and not Kyle and Jacki O.

    I agree with KerryJ, people in glass houses should not throw stones!!!

  9. neil
    6 Aug 09
    4:17 pm

  10. How much cash did John get for that comment…and did he disclose it or just ring a bell?

  11. Mac Yourselfathome
    6 Aug 09
    4:18 pm

  12. Laws is still smarting from that very public phone call last week. I bet he wants back on air for revenge.

  13. Matthew
    6 Aug 09
    4:55 pm

  14. @ MMMMM

    In this article I don’t think Laws was commenting on last weeks “incident”. The comments appear more to be his view on Kyle’s persona.

    If you listen to Kyle for 5 minutes you would be hard pressed to disagree with Laws assessment . . . .

  15. Billy C
    6 Aug 09
    5:04 pm

  16. Oh I really hope Kyle sues for defamation. Imagine the case! Two people who always think they’re right wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  17. Michael
    6 Aug 09
    5:30 pm

  18. Both Laws & Sandilands are talent less hacks

  19. Tony Richardson
    6 Aug 09
    7:26 pm

  20. Isn’t life unfair, that two such nasty people are paid so much money and attention?

  21. Andrew P
    6 Aug 09
    7:57 pm

  22. Amen there Tony!

  23. Sydney Wired
    7 Aug 09
    9:44 am

  24. Tony, I do agree with you there. It is not fair that nastiness is rewarded.

  25. Fred Flinstone
    7 Aug 09
    11:11 am

  26. Wow, that’s big coming from you, Jonh Laws. I’ve been saying all along that Kyle is just like a younger version of John Laws – a complete and utter nasty idiot. Infact, I’m convinced the two of you are from the same gene pool. DON’T COME BACK JOHN LAWS, the public just got rid of one NASTY idiot, if you come back I’ll be gunning for your nasty mouth to not return. Golden Tonsils? more like vermin tonsils. Go away you nasty potty mouthed fool, don’t you know nasty is out of flavour finally.

  27. Tony
    7 Aug 09
    12:41 pm

  28. How sad that Laws has nothing else to live for but his job. And yes that’s right, @MMMM, it’s all the mother’s fault that the radio station dreamed up a stunt of hooking children up to lie detectors. LOL.

  29. rw
    7 Aug 09
    2:13 pm

  30. Woops

  31. rw
    7 Aug 09
    2:13 pm

  32. Why would Kyle sue for defamation? Everything Laws says is true. Sandilands is a self important over rated tosser

  33. Salina Roo
    7 Aug 09
    3:16 pm

  34. John Laws wants to make a comeback because once retired, he realized what a lonely pathetic life he in fact lives. He’s got great cars, a beautiful house… but no friends. He can’t stand the sight of Sandilands because it’s like looking in the mirror.

    Your the best John, and you deserved the golden testicles… opps, I meant tonsils… no…. testicles. Please don’t sue xxx

  35. anothermous
    7 Aug 09
    3:23 pm

  36. Laws gone, Sandilands going…please make it a triffecta and get rid of the Parrot too

  37. Mero
    7 Aug 09
    3:52 pm

  38. but what if he needs a cracker?

  39. Anon
    7 Aug 09
    5:40 pm

  40. Lawsy … I know what you mean.

  41. Anonymous
    7 Aug 09
    6:26 pm

  42. How many years tertiary education would Kyle and lawsy have between them – O

  43. Bob
    11 Aug 09
    10:48 pm

  44. Ahhhhh….. how i miss the John Laws Sponsored Ad show on 2UE…… should have been called “Ad Back”, because there wasn’t much Talk Back going on…… stay retired John…. enjoy your golden years and we’ll enjoy the golden silence.

  45. bonza
    28 Aug 09
    2:37 pm

  46. Hate both of them. Both loud mouths. Laws is condescending, especially to women.