Kia invents ‘Fathertism’ for Next Gen Sorento

Kids show ‘Fathertism’

Kia has coined a new word – Fathertism – in a new campaign for its Next Gen Sorento car.

Led by a TV commercial, the campaign sees a mother struggle to gain her children’s affection after they give preferential treatment to their dad because he bought a new Kia Sorento – hence the word, fathertism.

Created by Innocean, the campaign launched last night and covers both free-to-air and subscription TV, online via a microsite, outdoor and social media. It includes an online competition to find Australia’s favourite father. The competition winner gets a Sorento.

Part one of the campaign sets up the children’s bias towards their dad, while the second takes a creepier approach.

The ads were produced by Finch and directed by Nick Ball. Planning and buying is being handled by Initiative while We Are Social is handling the social media.


Client – Kia Motors Australia
National Marketing Manager, Steve Watt
Brand and Advertising Manager, Gerrit Walters

Agency – Innocean Worldwide Australia
Creative Director, Scott Lambert
Copywriter, Yanni Pounartzis
Art Director, Mike Lind
Head of Broadcast, Tania Templeton
Planning, Susan Oliver
Group Business Director, Simon Hornery
Business Director, Janine Allan

Production Company – Finch
Director – Nick Ball
Producer – Camilla Dehnert
Executive Producer- Karen Bryson
Executive Producer/MD Rob Galluzzo
DOP – John Toon
Editor – Peter Sciberas
Online – Method
Audio Post Production – Song Zu
Music Composition – Antony Partos

Media Planning & Buying – Initiative Media
Social Media – We Are Social


  1. RodneyT
    22 Oct 12
    11:49 am

  2. Linking family affection and jealousy to the purchase of a car? When people talk about media and consumerism destroying the fabric of society this is exactly the sort of thing they mean. Imagine thyinking that the creation of this rubbish was an achievement? Imagine if this was one of the high points of your life? How awfully depressing.

  3. Taylor
    22 Oct 12
    12:02 pm

  4. Nice work! Quite charming.

  5. Bears
    22 Oct 12
    1:29 pm

  6. Maybe KIA and the TAC could do some work together, both focusing on how cars can be responsible for family breakdowns?

    Buy this car and your family will fall apart – doesn’t get much more compelling than that.

  7. Love it
    22 Oct 12
    1:36 pm

  8. Very fresh

  9. ratSrepuS2619
    22 Oct 12
    2:33 pm

  10. If my kids loved me more for buying a Kia I would seriously be looking at trading them in. That is not going to happen. I belong to the “I bought a Kia Once” Club.

  11. Joey P
    22 Oct 12
    3:17 pm

  12. I like the idea – of dad being the favourite because he bought a Kia, because there is an element of truth in that.

    The execution is good too.

    Just not sure about coining the term “Fathertism” though. A little too contrived.

  13. Phil McGroin
    22 Oct 12
    3:19 pm

  14. As if any of the target will see anything other than a cut-down 15sec on a real TV.

  15. bandit
    22 Oct 12
    3:56 pm

  16. It makes sense, people with insecurities are the best target for 4WD advertising, and who feels it most than dads who believe the kids love mum more.

  17. Richard Moss
    22 Oct 12
    6:58 pm

  18. Perhaps it’s just me, but I found both ads a little depressing.

  19. Bert
    23 Oct 12
    10:43 am

  20. This agency did some nice work a year back but it’s gone badly downhill recently. This is very poor work. And what’s with the vox pop ads they’re also running at the moment. The lowest of the low.

  21. Macsmutterings
    23 Oct 12
    5:04 pm

  22. I am going to need a new car when the twins arrive…..

  23. Grandma
    25 Oct 12
    8:19 pm

  24. I didn’t realy notice all the nonsence of the add. I locked in on the fantastic sun roof feature…. That part of the advert made me think I really want to look at one of these. Shame it’s an SUV, not too keen on that idea… just love the roof!

  25. Don
    5 Nov 12
    7:16 pm

  26. Fathertism

    I would like to know why they think that alienating a mother from her family is somehow amusing? Why also, they think excluding 50% of their market customers is wise? And why they think that men buy the family car? Welcome to the 21st Century!
    In the prize for stupidity, who do you think wins? The add agency, or the Kia executives who approved it?
    I hope Kia engineers are smarter than their corporates!