McDonald’s targets ‘inner child’ with giant playground

McDonald’s has taken over the forecourt of Customs House at Sydney’s Circular Quay, with office workers this morning met with the sight of an adult-sized playground constructed as part of the filming of the burger chain’s latest TV commercial.

The McDonald’s Playland is double the size of those normally found in its restaurants in Australia.

Aimed at office workers and tourists, McDonald’s said it will aim to “bring fun back to adults in the city”.

At 10 metres high by 20 metres wide the playground contains slides, tunnels, an adult-size aeroplane, helicopter and giant bus.

There is also a three-metre tall Officer Big Mac, Fillet-O-Fish bouncers, a retro Grimace cage and Hamburglar swing, as well as a Ronald McDonald bench reaching 2.5 metres in height.

McDonald’s first repositioned its brand to appeal to older consumers in 2005. It launched the “Inner Child” campaign created by Leo Burnett.

Helen Farquhar, McDonald’s (ANZ) director of marketing, said: “Adult life carries many restrictions so we want to remind people that McDonald’s is still a place were you can have fun, be yourself and not be judged. A place where you feel like a kid again.”

“This adult-sized Playland allows us to forget about the deadlines, budgets and stresses of life and just revel in this incredible childhood arcadia.”

Taking eight weeks to build, the Playland set was constructed by Gregsets, which also worked on the set production for movies such as StarWars, Moulin Rouge and Australia.

Others involved in the latest marekting push are DDB, production house Revolver, Rhinoplay and art director Karen Murphy.

A launch date for the campaign is yet to be confirmed.


  1. Shaynna Blaze
    29 Mar 10
    10:43 am

  2. Great marketing as usual – McDonalds are brilliant at this but still doesn’t make me want to buy their food.

  3. mumbrella
    29 Mar 10
    10:45 am

  4. Thanks for your comment, Shayna.

    Mind you, it would probably be fairest to wait until we’ve seen the ad.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. Tom
    29 Mar 10
    12:05 pm

  6. If it showed an obese child climbing out of the adult, it would be a wee bit more accurate.

  7. sean
    29 Mar 10
    12:50 pm

  8. Sumo Salad have already done the obese kid climbing out of the adult.

  9. Anonymous
    29 Mar 10
    1:29 pm

  10. Nice one from DDB Sydney.

  11. Anonymous
    29 Mar 10
    1:30 pm

  12. Fatty
    29 Mar 10
    1:48 pm

  13. Giant playland to go with their new giant Fatty Meals?

  14. aktif
    29 Mar 10
    2:08 pm

  15. I love McDonalds, anyone who doesn’t like the food is usually a communist or a liar.

  16. Flo
    29 Mar 10
    2:31 pm

  17. Agree with aktif… who hasn’t sat in a 24hrs Macca’s at 4am in the morning? Give me a Big Mac anyday over a dodgy lamb kebab especially at that time of the day

  18. Si
    29 Mar 10
    2:32 pm

  19. Cool – executive playlunch is totally the next big HR trend.

  20. jennifer
    29 Mar 10
    2:37 pm

  21. They should of launched McFancy here

  22. Ryan
    29 Mar 10
    2:42 pm

  23. an obsease child climping out? really?

    The add to me looks like they are promoting their healthy choices menu. Yohgurt and Salad roll is what i see.

    Nobody forces parents to feed their kids junk food, they have options, even at mcdonalds.

  24. Emma
    29 Mar 10
    3:14 pm

  25. Great, are they going to tour the playland around the country?

    Fed Square next please!

  26. Sarah Sengers
    29 Mar 10
    3:24 pm

  27. Shame the general public couldn’t have a slide, jump or swing…

  28. Termax
    29 Mar 10
    7:08 pm

  29. I saw it this morning and agree that DDB has done a genius job. It was really weird walking around an adult sized playground – utterly like the child version but really really big. I hope it tours as well.

  30. Anonymous
    29 Mar 10
    7:44 pm

  31. Seriously cool idea. Inner child was a great strategic thought. This however makes it so much more fun. Congratulations DDB. I hope you bring it to Melbourne. Please!

  32. Kristen
    30 Mar 10
    9:26 am

  33. it looked like it might have been fun, but I got chased away just for checking whether or not I could play.. :( they must have known it wouldn’t make my buy their product….

  34. Michael
    30 Mar 10
    11:01 am

  35. AK
    30 Mar 10
    12:28 pm

  36. Brilliant idea.
    Lets hope everyone plays nice.


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