Mumbo Report: Gavin Larkin on the R U OK? project; BRW editor-in-chief Sean Aylmer on asking dumb questions

In today’s Mumbo Report from Studio 33:

  • Gavin Larkin, CEO of The Brand Shop, talks about the R U OK? suicide prevention initiative;
  • Sean Aylmer, editor-in-chief of BRW on why there’s no such thing as a dumb question
  • TV ads: Turkey of the Week

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  1. clive Burcham
    26 Nov 09
    11:53 am

  2. Good on you Gavin…..this is inspiring !

  3. Ratatoskr
    26 Nov 09
    12:15 pm

  4. Way too many noddies in these reports. I find it really distracting when the camera jumps from the speaker to Tim to the speaker to Tim to the speaker…

    The topic of suicide coverage in the media is a hard one. I think we need to be a bit braver with coverage and open up more about it. Not going into gruesome detail of how someone killed themselves, but looking more at the affect it has on society and those left behind. We get a lot of general stuff about depression, but not enough about the real flow-on affects on a whole community when someone ends their own life out of desperation.

  5. Gezza
    26 Nov 09
    12:17 pm

  6. Excellent initiative and beautifully described with feeling and detail by Gavin. Well done that man!

  7. Nick
    26 Nov 09
    12:26 pm

  8. I’m with the Rat. Less quick changes. Also, to continue the trivial delivery not content critique, you need to raise that seat a bit. You look too short for the desk.

    Interesting initiative though.

  9. Pete Zerhut
    26 Nov 09
    12:52 pm

  10. Good stuff, Gavin. All the best with it. Great initiative.

    On ad-agency specifics in relation to stress: the way the remuneration model has evolved – and what clients expect/demand from agencies – surely needs to fundamentally change in order for stress levels to be reduced and more civilised working conditions to prevail in agencies.

  11. Peter McDonald
    26 Nov 09
    5:00 pm

  12. A marvellous initiative handled with great sensitivity and a heavy dose of humility.

    Clearly a stunning example of how a passionate leader can pull others in the industry together to leverage the power of communications for the ultimate good of many.

    HUGE group hug to all concerned on Sunday 29th.

  13. marc bryant
    26 Nov 09
    6:01 pm

  14. Well done Gav, brilliant work…a truely inspiring campaign and a first for Aus (perhaps there is something the UK could learn from Aussies afterall! he he).

    Serioulsy, let’s hope this momemtum continues for the next three years and you and your team continue to lead fom the front (we’re behind you)


  15. Jaelea Skehan
    27 Nov 09
    9:54 am

  16. For those interested in the Mindframee resources that Gavin mentioned on reporting of suicide and mental illness visit

    Lets hope Sunday 29 is a good day for everyone – those that are OK and those of us that may not be travelling so well.

  17. Clint Bratton
    1 Dec 09
    2:08 pm

  18. Keep up the good work Gav!

    So good to see a busy ad exec putting real energy into a project that clearly means so much to you (and with good reason).

    I’m sure your satisfaction by tackling the issue beats winning an award hands down… all agencies who have a casue purely to try to win an award take note.