Mumbrella’s Ad of the Month: Shortlist revealed

The finalists for the latest round of Mumbrella’s TV Ad of the Month can now be revealed.

The shortlist for April’s ads is based on self nominations, Mumbrella’s own selections and reader submissions. The winners are decided by Mumbrella readers who vote by taking part in the survey at the bottom of this item. The deadline for voting is Thursday 24 May.

Campaigns are eligible whichever screen format they first ran on including TV, cinema and the web.

The shortlist for April’s ad of the month:

1. Kia Grand Carnival – Stickers – Innocean

2. TAC – Motorcycle reconstruction – Grey Melbourne

3. Cadbury – Welcome to Joyville – Saatchi & Saatchi

4. Miroslav – Miroslav Quality – M&C Saatchi

5. VB – Raise a glass – Droga 5

6. Dare Iced Coffee – The Dare Fix – MCM Media & Ryan Shelton

7. Jeep – Ultimate Search Engine – CumminsRoss

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  1. Glenda Binns
    18 May 12
    3:05 pm

  2. I think the TAC advert is compelling viewing and gets the facts of safety over to the viewer.

  3. Brand Panda
    18 May 12
    5:19 pm

  4. Kia Stickers got my attention by being different in a cluttered market – well done

    Raise a glass brings Legacy into the present in a compelling way, just not sure of the ethics of it being associated with VB.

    TAC is usual good work, but we’ve seen this story before.

  5. Ann
    18 May 12
    8:54 pm

  6. Jeep was the most pleasing to watch

  7. jean cave
    18 May 12
    10:25 pm

  8. The underwear one is stupid but it is the right length, so gets my vote. Added bonus, I now know there is an underwear brand called Miroslav, which I didn’t before.