Nando’s launches single with Disco Montego in lead up to World Cup

Nando’s has teamed up with Australian dance music duo Disco Montego to release a new single created to celebrate the FIFA World Cup and raise awareness for the charity United Against Malaria.


The song, “Hearts on Fire” featuring African chants and an electro beat, has been licensed by Nando’s and will be available for free online from June 14.

As part of its release, the restaurant chain and its media partner Nova are holding an event in Melbourne’s Federation Square on Wednesday, inviting football fans to appear in the video clip for the song.

Jacinta Cavalot, Nando’s national PR manager said: “The launch of ‘Hearts on Fire’ is an exciting time for Nando’s and South Africa. We are avid supporters of United Against Malaria, a charity which aims to raise global awareness and renew worldwide commitment to ending malaria.

“With all the world’s eyes on South Africa, it’s the perfect avenue to launch the track and showcase our support to this worthy cause. We encourage everyone to download ’Hearts on Fire’ and visit one of our Nando’s stores to purchase a ‘United Against Malaria’ beaded wristband, hand-made by the families of those supported by the charity in South Africa.”

The Nando’s chain originated in South Africa in 1987 and now operates in 34 countries.

The initiative with Disco Montego, who are famed for their top ten hit Beautiful, was led by Nando’s ad agency The Sphere Agency.

As part of the campaign supporters are also being given the chance to go in the draw to win a trip for two to South Africa.


  1. paul
    10 Jun 10
    1:37 pm

  2. what a joke!!!!!!!!

  3. bob
    10 Jun 10
    7:24 pm

  4. pffft i’m not waiting to listen through to the end of this piece of rubbish

  5. Andrés Escobar
    10 Jun 10
    9:11 pm

  6. This is even worse than my own own goal!

    I guess they have pole dancers in the video?

  7. Anna
    12 Jun 10
    11:02 am

  8. Best thing of heard in years… Its a winner!!! Give me more!!!

  9. Dillan
    12 Jun 10
    9:28 pm

  10. nice sound…… very nice

  11. mitchell
    14 Jun 10
    12:56 am

  12. 1.paul 1.bob 1.Andrés Escobar fuck off this is an awesome song :)
    good work disco montego looking foward to seeiong me in ur video clip

  13. Hayden
    18 Jun 10
    5:59 am

  14. omg this song is beautiful, it sends a message and my generation (y) is realy into techno, i dont know if thats what the bands into but you have realy appealed to my generation about the cunt of a thing that cancer realy is, good job, keep them coming!

  15. Neomi
    22 Jun 10
    4:58 pm

  16. This song is a cheap production and unoriginal video….I expected more. really pore having Nando’s shop sign in the clip…could have done it better.

  17. mitch
    27 Jun 10
    7:22 pm

  18. I doont hink its bad. The song is super commercial but OK.
    THe video is really nice lookign but that Nandos shot is just way to blatant.