Rumours of Nine-Telstra tie-up

Nine Entertainment Co’s TV assets could be involved in a tie-up with Telstra, according to market speculation reported today.  

Nabila Ahmed writes in The Australian that the move could be driven by Nine owner CVC Asia’s need to refinance debt and Telstra’s desire to get more video content once the NBN is in place.

However, a major hurdle to any deal would be competition concerns around Telstra’s part ownership of pay TV service Foxtel.


  1. Doug
    8 Aug 11
    2:07 pm

  2. Will channel 9 now have a little START button, and have to be shutdown properly every time you wanted to change channels?

  3. Chuck
    8 Aug 11
    3:25 pm

  4. ..and only be receivable in certain locations .. if you’re lucky!

  5. Benos
    8 Aug 11
    3:31 pm

  6. Will you have to go through a 27-step phone menu and speak to 3 consultants to watch The Block?