Schweppes launches tumble ad epic to celebrate ‘Schweppervescence’

The Melbourne office of GPY&R has launched an ad for Schweppes in which two people tumble down mountain sides and hill slopes to show what gives the soft drinks brand ‘Schweppervescence’.

The 60-second ad breaks on Sunday across all commercial networks in a ‘roadblock’ media buy through media agency Carat.

Ben Goss, senior brand manager at Schweppes said: “Schweppervescence has always been about the sensory experience – the whoosh of gas as the bottle is opened, the dance of the bubbles as it’s poured, the tingle on the tongue – and this new campaign is designed to capture and convey the feeling of this experience. We’re thrilled with this latest campaign from Patts Melbourne and excited to see the feeling of Schweppervescence bought to life in such an epic way.”

Ben Coulson, chief creative officer GPY&R ANZ added, “This is one of those projects that comes along very rarely in advertising and has that wonderful mix of things to make it happen; A brave client who understands their brand and has the confidence to take the high ground, an A-Grade production company firing on all cylinders and an idea that was a delight to bring to life.”


  • Agency: GPY&R Melbourne
  • Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson
  • Director: Steve Rogers
  • Senior Writer: Evan Roberts
  • Senior Art Director: Chris Northam
  • Agency Executive Producer: Romanca Jasinski
  • Group Account Director: Mat Cummings
  • Senior Account Director: Matilda Hobba
  • Strategy: Tom Ward & Tom Ding
  • Production Company: Revolver Film
  • Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie & Pip Smart
  • Producer: Pip Smart
  • Cinematographer: Adam Arkapaw
  • Editing: Jack Hutchings, The Butchery
  • Music: D’Oyley Carte Opera Company – HMS Pinafore
  • Music Supervision: Karl Richter, Level Two Music
  • Sound Studio: Mark Mitchell, Electric Dreams
  • Sound Design: Paul Le Couteur, Flagstaff Studios
  • Grade: Ben Eagleton, Fuel
  • VFX: Fin Design + Effects
  • Senior Flame Artist: Justin Bromley
  • Flame Artist: Julian Ford
  • Schweppes Strategy Director: Darryn Wallace
  • Group Marketing Manager, Carbonated Soft Drinks: Ellie Vince
  • Senior Brand Manager: Ben Goss
  • Assistant Brand Manager: Emma Brown


  1. Big ad.
    15 Feb 13
    1:00 pm

  2. Looks expensive.

  3. bill
    15 Feb 13
    1:14 pm

  4. rock and roll.

  5. Ben Coverdale
    15 Feb 13
    1:48 pm

  6. Love it. Between shitty ads about vacuum cleaners and TVs, it would be a sight for sore eyes.

  7. Schweppes Fan
    15 Feb 13
    1:50 pm

  8. Not Sure that it delivers Schweppervesence…the execution doesn’t bring it to life. Somehow it lacks bubbles and doesn’t make me thirsty. Sorry

  9. Beery
    15 Feb 13
    2:11 pm

  10. Nice and refreshing (a good pun or what…) but now the creative people who have enjoyed their moment in the sun at the client’s expense can get back to writing their books now.

  11. Brendon
    15 Feb 13
    2:26 pm

  12. Looks painful.

  13. Tom
    15 Feb 13
    2:36 pm

  14. Love it!
    Two great stoner ads in one week (the other one being the Yellowglen stuff from The Monkeys).
    More like this…

  15. NS
    15 Feb 13
    2:46 pm

  16. but it’s just carbonated water?

  17. richard moss
    15 Feb 13
    2:58 pm

  18. Like a snowball rolling in the snow, it seems to pick up its substance as it progresses. Unlike the snowball rolling in the snow, it seems not to gain much size or pace as it travels.

    I am not sure that progression from icy mountain peaks and snow to dry fields and a bucolic scene, a cool glade, and finally ( as if crying out for it) a deep lake fed by a water fall, providing (at long last) the bubbles of schweppervescence, exactly string together like a necklace of pearls..

    Look, call me old fashioned, but the ice cubes in the glass, the frosting on the outside and the bubbles up your hooter still do it for me.

  19. One man's opinion
    15 Feb 13
    3:03 pm

  20. Very nice work and beautifully executed by a great director.
    For me, it doesn’t deliver on Schweppervesence anywhere
    near well as Burst, but I’d be very happy to have it on my reel.

  21. Connor
    15 Feb 13
    4:12 pm

  22. Wow, this is epic. Kudos to Mark Harris in particular, the stunt coordinator and his rigging team. Amazement.

  23. I McHunt
    15 Feb 13
    4:23 pm

  24. Couldn’t we have got there quicker? Good ad though.

  25. John Grono
    15 Feb 13
    4:43 pm

  26. Shot on location at Cooper’s Hill Gloucestershire?

    How long before someone complains that their kiddy wants to roll head-first off a mountain. ASB .. man the barricades!

  27. Groucho
    15 Feb 13
    5:23 pm

  28. 24 people in the credits, did they change the light bulbs too?

    Who remembers when there would have been 6?

  29. Jim
    17 Feb 13
    10:44 pm

  30. Coopers Hill England ?
    Scenery looks more like NZ to me ??
    Anybody know ?

  31. refreshing...
    18 Feb 13
    9:56 am

  32. …to read some honest real world comments on here, compared to the astroturfing that’s happening on a rival ad publication’s site. I doubt this ad will sell many bottles of fizzy water. Bring back Burst.

  33. John Grono
    18 Feb 13
    10:24 am

  34. Jim, I’ll give you a hint. Google ‘cheese rolling’.

  35. Marienne Litolff
    3 Mar 13
    12:34 am

  36. The Schweppervescence “tumble” ad is supposed to be set in Australia but I’m sure I can see The Remarkables mountain range at Queenstown NZ in the background. I grew up in Queenstown so I should be able to recognise The Remarkables when I see them. Does anybody else recognise them? The entire ad looks very much like NZ scenery too but wherever it is, it’s a great ad.

  37. JG
    3 Mar 13
    3:28 pm

  38. Marienne, the fact you spotted that is remarkable. Maybe you have burst their bubble! Though am I making a mountain our of a molehill?

  39. Marienne Litolff
    3 Mar 13
    10:43 pm

  40. Hi JF
    Not necessarily, if you’ve scene one claim to fame you’ve scene ’em all. When I first came over here Phar Lap was said to be a famous Australian racehorse and The Hamilton County Blue Grass Band was a new Australian group, but hey, NZ has so much going for it that I’m sure it can spare a bit of talent!

  41. Marienne Litolff
    3 Mar 13
    10:51 pm

  42. JG, not JF. Sorry JG, I’ve got fat finger syndrome. That’s type-cal.