Tourism NT launches $1.4m campaign

Tourism NT has launched a 10-week broadcast, digital, print and social media campaign to promote the Northern Territory’s Red Centre.

“Our 2011 campaign takes consumers on a classic Red Centre road trip fording rivers, swimming in stunning gorges, enjoying campfire barbecues and watching the sun rise from the warmth of a swag,” said Tourism NT’s executive director of marketing & communications, Rita Harding.

The campaign, which cost $1.4 million, was created by The Department of Doing.

The TV spots will run on Seven, Nine and SBS Networks, and the print work will feature in newspapers and magazines including Sunday Life, Weekend Australian, Good Weekend, Australian Traveller and Women’s Health.

The campaign is expected to run until April 30 this year.


  1. TickBehindTheEye
    2 Mar 11
    4:17 pm

  2. Makes me dizzy. Maybe it’ll be better on a big screen. Similar to the SA ads, but without the French music.

    Sorry to see none of the beauty or style of the last NT campaign though. (No, I don’t work with Frost.)

  3. Been there and its not like that
    2 Mar 11
    5:02 pm

  4. Agree with comment one, I started to get a nauseous sensation watching it. Not showing me anything new and certainly not showing the realities of travelling through the NT around the Red Centre – I notice they avoided showing the Alice in any great detail. Superficial. The biggest barrier to travelling to the NT is distance, and cost compared to equivalent holidays elsewhere.

  5. Keith
    2 Mar 11
    6:09 pm

  6. Apart from the indigenous theme and the obvious hooks to Uluru/Ayers Rock (can I still call it that?) the visuals and mood could be tropical north queensland. Pretty people, pretty hotels, dinner and swimming – is this offering us anything we can’t get somewhere else or haven’t seen before?

  7. geoff @ Unifor
    2 Mar 11
    9:01 pm

  8. Agree with first three comments – original it is not. Would love to see a time lapse sequence of Uluru through the seasons.

  9. Anonymous
    3 Mar 11
    12:30 am

  10. For F’s sake, could they have used an Australian artist to do the music?

  11. Andrew
    3 Mar 11
    1:21 pm

  12. Agree with most of the others – there’s not enough in there to really sell the NT above anywhere else, and why does the digital camera get almost as much screen time as the unique landscape?

    @Anonymous: I think you’ll find the music is by a Sydney group called ‘Kyu’ (Song is called Pixiphony)

  13. Anonymous
    3 Mar 11
    1:25 pm

  14. it is an Australian artist

  15. David
    3 Mar 11
    1:30 pm

  16. You can show all the beautiful shots that this part of the world has to offer but the woeful accommodation standards let the whole place down. The Ayers Rock Resort is perhaps the most over-priced, tired looking resort in the country!

  17. A
    3 Mar 11
    2:28 pm

  18. I actually like this advertisement. I would pay for the music track.

  19. Gezza
    3 Mar 11
    4:44 pm

  20. Maybe if you dont have a cute girlfriend there really isn’t much to do there. Seems that way from the ad anyway.

  21. GixxerBoy
    3 Mar 11
    7:20 pm

  22. Jeez, what a miserable bunch of pricks post here. Yeah, like a TV ad is going to drag Uluru closer to Sydney or cut the fare. Or maybe they should have shown some shithouse accommodation – genius! And you don’t even know Aussie artists when you hear them. Maybe they should show the stabbing of a tourist in Alice. Marketing gurus, the lot of you. LMFAO.

  23. Matt Burgess
    7 Mar 11
    11:28 am

  24. Still confused as to why the video is set to “unlisted” (meaning it won’t show up in searches on youtube).

  25. Mark S
    10 Mar 11
    9:20 am

  26. I think the ad is great. I’ve lived in NT, and loved it, and I think the ad does it justice. And note as with all internet forums, the experts who lay out the most vitriolic comments (ie re the “French” artist comments), never reappear to stand corrected or back up their opinions once they’ve launched their initial grenades. Love the song, proud that it’s an Aussie artist. Nice work.