When a Facebook tattoo is a small price for social media fame

There are certain individuals for whom no social media challenge is too large (or opportunity to increase their SEO potential is too demeaning).  

Julian Cole facebook tattoo

Julian Cole, social media strategist at The Population is one such individual.

If more than 500 people join the Julian Cole Facebook fanpage by the end of Friday, he’ll get a Facebook tattoo on his backside and put a video of the process on YouTube.

At the time of writing, the number stands at 300.

Dr Mumbo’s joined. Have you?

Friday 2.10pm update: The group’s just gone past 500, so it looks like the tattoo’s on…


  1. Sheila (@stinginthetail)
    17 Sep 09
    5:32 pm

  2. lol – i don’t belong to Facebook, but i can RT

  3. Jess
    17 Sep 09
    5:42 pm

  4. Actually its 3pm tomorrow; the parlour’s been booked.

  5. Zoe
    17 Sep 09
    5:43 pm

  6. Just to confirm – we have until 3pm tomorrow so get fanning!!!!

  7. Simon Tologist
    17 Sep 09
    5:48 pm

  8. I hope Julian doesn’t move his thumb any further to his left – the guy with his arse out might get nervous.

  9. just a thought
    17 Sep 09
    6:04 pm

  10. self-promotion on social media doesn’t make you a social media professional, julian. maybe one day you’ll have some work people actually want to talk about, not just tattooing someone else’s logo on your arse in a desperate grab for attention.

  11. Cate Mathers
    17 Sep 09
    6:11 pm

  12. Hi ‘Just a thought’ just want to confirm that this was initiated by Julian’s colleagues and because he is such a legend he has agree to go along ‘for the ride’. From a professional perspective Julian is one of the brightest minds in the Australian advertising industry. This can be supported both by the esteem in which we (his colleagues) hold him and his amazing blog (http://adspace-pioneers.blogspot.com/) within which he shares just some of his ideas and examples of work.

  13. Julian Cole
    17 Sep 09
    6:38 pm

  14. Worst.idea.ever. It was an office joke that may have got a little out of hand.

    Facebook have assured me that I will be getting an advanced version of Facebook, if i get the tattoo.

  15. Gabriel Grossman
    17 Sep 09
    7:54 pm

  16. Never too late to reconsider, Julian. It’s bad enough having any brand tattooed on your ass, but what happens if Facebook turns into a MySpace and is no longer considered “cool”. You’ll never want to bare your behind again!

  17. Burt
    17 Sep 09
    7:58 pm

  18. Just a thought: get a sense of humor

  19. Chris Walton
    17 Sep 09
    8:06 pm

  20. Having ‘MySpace’ written on your bum is actually quite amusing. Not as funny as a ‘W’ on each cheek to spell ‘WOW’ though.

  21. Adam Paull
    18 Sep 09
    3:13 am

  22. He’s lucky he doesn’t work for Target…

  23. Stewart Heys
    18 Sep 09
    8:47 am

  24. Done. As of 8.47am there are now 453 fans….

  25. Duncan Riley
    18 Sep 09
    9:43 am

  26. All he’s asking for is 500? That’s setting the bar epically low.

  27. Zac's Manager
    18 Sep 09
    10:06 am

  28. Zac is fuming. Next week he’ll be promising to get a Twitter logo on his pecker if he gets to 1000 followers.

  29. Pete Zerhut
    18 Sep 09
    10:07 am

  30. Love it. Good luck Julian, looks like ther eis no escape now – don’t forget the pictures

  31. Mark Zuckerberg
    18 Sep 09
    10:16 am

  32. I say let’s say the bar a little higher. If we can get him to 5,000 by 3pm today, he has to get a portrait of my beautiful self instead of his arse, not just a crappy logo.

  33. Lippy
    18 Sep 09
    10:19 am

  34. Lets say the tattoo costs about $300. 500 fans = 60 cents / fan. Sure, facebook ads might have got you for about 50 cents… but once youve paid for a click thats it… where as now you can walk into any meeting for the rest of your life and flash that bad boy. Great work Jules!… You’ll have the most socially connected ass of anybody i know.

  35. Adam Joseph
    18 Sep 09
    10:57 am

  36. Zac, make sure you leave enough space for Twitter on your shitter … there’s a follow-on campaign idea for you :-)

  37. tim
    18 Sep 09
    10:59 am

  38. Will we see status updates on your behind as well, Julian? I think this campaign is a slow burn…

  39. Ben
    18 Sep 09
    11:51 am

  40. somebody please think of the children!

  41. Chris Walton
    18 Sep 09
    11:55 am

  42. The Bumbo Report

  43. Andy Cronin
    18 Sep 09
    2:19 pm

  44. I’m still smirking after reading @nathbush ‘s comment “Hey Jules if we get to 1,000 will you tattoo “poke me” next to it?”.. classic!!

  45. Zac Martin
    18 Sep 09
    2:22 pm

  46. Fuck yeah, when did I pick up management?

  47. Matt Granfield
    18 Sep 09
    2:40 pm

  48. Will Jules’s bum now feature a ‘log out’ button? It could feature in an All Bran commercial…

  49. Graham White
    18 Sep 09
    2:57 pm

  50. Julian, whilst you’re going to have a very sore arse, so will I when I do the 90k Sydney to Gong bike ride in November. In my efforts to raise funds for MS, I’ll wear a t-shirt with your new Facebook butt on the back. In return for your pain, if each of these 500 fans coughs up a donation, at least the pain will be worth it. For those that want to pledge go to http://register.gongride.org.au/?gwhiteoz

  51. Chris Walton
    18 Sep 09
    3:20 pm

  52. Matt G – winning comment.

  53. Pete Zerhut
    18 Sep 09
    3:36 pm

  54. How many fans would someone need to get ‘TINY URL’ tatooed on their manhood?


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