When McDonald’s signage goes rogue…

Dr Mumbo of course obeyed Sam Kekovich and rushed to McDonald’s tonight to try their new lamb burger.

He decided to give the new flavour Fanta a miss though.

rape flavour fanta

This photo was taken at Wynyard in Sydney – Dr Mumbo wonders whether the same digital billboard is currently displayed in every Maccas in Australia.


  1. Erin Tanner
    17 Aug 12
    8:42 pm

  2. Luckily, it’s for a limited time only!

  3. Any
    17 Aug 12
    9:25 pm

  4. My mate posted a photo of his on his Facebook earlier today but it was the Wynyard one too

  5. Dan
    18 Aug 12
    12:13 am

  6. Wow – one misplaced sticker and “Dr. Mumbo” is up in arms? Really? This was SO blog worthy?

  7. LW
    18 Aug 12
    11:02 pm

  8. Come on Dan, it’s a pretty good misplaced sticker…!

  9. Daniel-Jacob Santhou
    20 Aug 12
    10:43 am

  10. This is the beauty of Dr Mumbo: it’s an opinion. And if I dare say, a damn good one at that. Minor attention to detail is important for such a huge brand.

    It’s unfortunate that the new Rape Flavour was not available.

  11. ben
    20 Aug 12
    4:28 pm

  12. And it’s amusing – I like these sort of reports .

    but getting back to Maccas – i had their lam wrap and it was actually quite nice.

    Did not feel dirty and ashamed after eating it

  13. just curious
    23 Aug 12
    11:53 pm

  14. does anyone happen to know when the new flavour might be available. And, in which stores? Just wondering.