2014 Annual: Ten best Mumbos of 2014

It’s been a strange old year in the world of media and marketing, and that’s well reflected in this selection of Dr Mumbo’s ten finest outings of the year, served up here for your delight.

TheBachelor_S2_M01_Blake_900x506Kiis’ time travelling Bachelor text

We’ll start with the most read Mumbo of the year, and a strange one at that. It relates to The Bachelor, and a text apparently sent to Jackie O on the KiisFM breakfast show from one of the “show’s producers” telling her Blake Garvey and Sam Frost had already headed for splitsville when the finale aired. Curiously though, the text was timed 20 minutes after they talked about the segment on air…

Shooting yourself in the face

Studio 10 has provided many shining moments in its first year on air, but perhaps none more prescient than this near catastrophe. Remember the first rule of TV presenting. Always point the weapon at the guest. Always at the guest.shoot

The Curious case of the Campbells of Campbelltown

An “exclusive” story which appeared in Daily Telegraph about a Sydney man selling a jilted friend’s ex-wife’s wedding dress is an even more intriguing web of relationships than it first appears… could the journalist and the subject be related?

Surely not. Sadly the Tele couldn’t tell Dr Mumbo for “legal reasons”.

Vegan Nazis of the Hunter Valley

As Homer Simpson once said “beer, the cause of and solution to all life’s problems”. To paraphrase that great western philosopher, social media could be substituted in for beer. And it seems some people just can’t help but get into trouble by being a little ‘larrikin’. remember when a Hunter Valley burger bar owner compared vegans to nazis?

MumboHow to get Dr Mumbo to write about you

If there’s one thing you really don’t want to happen, it’s probably best not to talk about it very loudly in public in a regular media hangout. Dr Mumbo has spies everywhere, even at Taste Baguette.

Grant Denyer from Petersham

Dr Mumbo has always wondered whether the select few who have an OzTam ratings box could ever be tempted to game the system, and promote shows they like at the expense of those they’re a it prejudiced against. Grant Denyer from Peterham provided the answer in fine style.

The Bachelor auditions: Scuttlebutt from the sequin Hunger Games

And more from old bachy. This time it’s some rumours Dr Mumbo overheard whilst in the hairdressers one weekend. It sounds like a brutal process to get onto that show, are you bitchy enough?

20 things thinks are epic

Like some of his favourite news sites Dr Mumbo isn’t above a good listicle either, particularly if that listicle is about “Epic” stuff. 

That Moron that writes for us

Dr Mumbo was frankly a little surprised Jonathan Moran had never had this unfortunate typo before online. And at the amount of timemit took his colleagues at The Daily telegraph to fix it. Fortunately JMO had a sense of humour about the whole thing…

TeleIrony corner the walkley edition

And while we’re on unfortunate typos in The Daily Telegraph, here’s the first pass one of the staff writers made of the headline on a story, about his editor winning a Walkley for headline writing. Even his name is spelled wrong.

This guy really loves horses

Sometimes you have to ask exactly what was going through someone’s mind when they thought that was the best photo to use? This pic of a national treasure apparently in an intimate moment with his trainer certainly ticked that box.



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