Ogilvy PR appoints group MD for social arm social@Ogilvy

Yianni KonstantopoulosOgilvy Public Relations has appointed Yianni Konstantopoulos as the new group managing director of the agency’s social arm, social@Ogilvy.

Konstantopoulos is a former vice president of strategy and business development at US digital agency Blue State Digital which implemented the digital strategy for the 2008 and 2012 Barack Obama presidential campaigns.

Kieran Moore, CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, said of the appointment: “The digital space is one which has changed and grown enormously over the past few years and we wanted to ensure that social@Ogilvy continues to lead Australia. Yianni is well suited to help our clients fully leverage social media to build their businesses – from marketing, communications, CRM, sales enablement and shopper marketing.”

Konstantopoulos will also take on a regional role and work with the broader Ogilivy & Mather group on their approach to social media. In addition to working on both Obama’s presidential campaigns, Konstantopoulos’ resume includes stints at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Ford Motor Company and the Green Bay Packers.

The new group managing director told Encore he was excited about the move. “Social@Ogilvy is one of the strongest social (agency) brands and I’m looking forward to thinking about how to build on the work we’ve done in the past,” Konstantopoulos said. “Australia and Asia are where growth lies. I wanted to be in a part of the world where you can see and reflect change.”

Despite only arriving in Australia this week, Konstantopoulos said he was interested to see the way Australia had taken to particular social networks such as Instagram.

“Social, from a channel perspective, is as strong here as it is back home in the US,” he said. “But I think Australians have adopted Instagram much more quickly than Americans have. When you look at useage, it is much more frequent and smart brands are leveraging that well.”

Konstantopoulos will start in July.

Nic Christensen

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