‘UnFordlike’ squashed cane toad video is not scam, says Ford marketing director

The marketing director of Ford Australia has rubbished the suggestion that a gruesome online video for the Falcon EcoBoost, which features a squashed cane toad but barely shows the car itself, is ‘scam’ – an ad made by the agency with the sole intention of winning awards.

The video launched a week ago and has amassed more than 73,000 views at the time of writing.

Ford Australia’s general manager of marketing David Katic told Mumbrella: “I’ve never been in a conversation with an agency where we talked about winning awards. Our aim is to build our brand and sell some cars. My agency knows that making an ad just to win an award would be totally unacceptable.”

The video, made by JWT Melbourne, is the “most successful viral video Ford has ever created” in Australia, Katic said. There are no plans to air the video, which has raised eyebrows due to its graphic nature, on television.

“You have to understand the piece in the context of the medium it’s in. Of course it’s not something we’d put on TV,” he said.

To a question on why the Falcon barely features in the ad, Katic said: “It’s not like we’re launching a new product. The Falcon has been in Australia for 51 years. People know what it looks like. The piece is about the technology, which is why you don’t see the car until at the end.”

He added: “People keep using the term ad. It’s not an ad. It’s not even a campaign. You’re not going to see frogs on bus shelters and billboards. It’s a video that we hoped would go viral. Yes, a video of this nature is very unFordlike. Which is exactly why we made it. We want people to think differently about our brand, and it’s working.”

Katic would not reveal the production budget of the video, but said it was “extremely affordable”, costing 10% of a regular Ford TV ad.



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