Ad pastiches mining industry’s ‘This is our story’ campaign

A group backed by the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has launched another guerilla attack on the mining industry with a pastiche of the ‘This is our story’ campaign.

An online video, called ‘Paid extra’, lampoons Australian Mining’s sanitised portrayal of itself through advertising.

(2.45pm update: Mumbrella has disabled embedding of the video following a legal letter from Xstrata Coal. The video can be found on YouTube here.

(12.45 pm, 24th April update: the video has been removed “due to a defamation complaint”)disabled youtube

The culture jam follows a series of ‘This is the real story’ ads launched in November.


Creative and Production: Manic Studios
Client: Australian Manufacturers Union
Voiceover: Charles Firth


  1. Michael D Hogan
    20 Apr 12
    3:58 pm

  2. I cannot thank you enough for your work on the anti mining campaign. Keep up the good work. If they are threatening you, you must be doing something right.
    Stick it up em

  3. Basil
    20 Apr 12
    6:04 pm

  4. I thought large companies couldn’t sue for defamation?

  5. beezlebub
    23 Apr 12
    1:06 pm

  6. watch it on youtube – brilliant!

  7. Geoff
    24 Apr 12
    12:03 pm

  8. Not any more it’s not … sad. I watched it last night and wanted to show people this morning :-(

  9. former miner
    24 Apr 12
    2:23 pm

  10. it back! :-)


  11. Scot Walters
    24 Apr 12
    6:18 pm

  12. And here is Australias new democracy, not even freedom of speech is allowed anymore. The poor poor bullied mining companies, it’s not their fault everyone hates them so much for totally f**king up the land & toxifying the air & water for their own profit. WEAK W**KERS.

  13. Quincy
    25 Apr 12
    1:05 pm

  14. We’ve been watching miners spending hundreds of millions on advertising campaigns telling us that they are too poor to pay the mining tax: when in fact every advertisement is really showing us the opposite! Great work getting this spoof out there!

  15. Steve
    25 Apr 12
    2:38 pm

  16. Beatrice V Laguerre
    29 Apr 12
    3:36 pm

  17. Comical coffee talk aey ? My gracious, this is truly hillarious going ons.

    Australia Mining Advert Spoof Resurfaces (Breaking News).