Karl set to renew

The future of Karl Stefanovic has been a hot media topic in recent months, as the Today show star negotiated with Nine over his contract renewal. 


Word is Stefanovic is staying put.

Nine even noted, during their upfronts, how they had a contingency plan should the star not re-sign with the Network. 

Dr Mumbo understands that the good news is while the Ts are still to be crossed and the Is dotted there is agreement and Karl will be staying put at Nine.  Read more »

Wilkins’ post-ARIA absence from Today

With Karl Stefanovic apparently yet to sign on the dotted line for another year at the helm of Nine’s Today Show, the final Friday of the ratings year might have seemed like a good day for potential successors to impress the bosses.

richard wilkins aria oversleep

Karl points at his watch after Wilkins failed to wake up for Today

Long shot Richard Wilkins took a slightly different approach, with the show’s entertainment editor failing to arrive in time for the show. Read more »

Block around the clock

Today is the launch of Nine’s new lifestyle channel 9Life which kicked off with a somewhat limited daytime programming selection…

At 6am this morning viewers were offered an episode of reality renovation show The Block, that was followed at 7.05am with an episode of The Block, followed at 8.10am by an episode of – you guessed it – The Block… Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.26.12 am Read more »

Google’s Fairfax takeover

There’s a fascinating move happening in Pyrmont’s media quarter with the ‘death star’ of the ad industry Google taking yet another floor of Fairfax’s headquarters.

Fairfax's Sydney HQ. Source: wiki commons

Fairfax’s Sydney HQ. Source: Wiki Commons

It takes the search giant’s room in the building to three of the five floors there.

And whilst you may be right to think of this as a sign of the times – traditional media being annexed by new online platforms – the reason for the move is actually more interesting… Read more »

Behind the scenes with Paul Barry

The ABC’s Mediawatch is fond of pointing out other journalist’s errors and stuff ups.

However, with the show wrapping for 2015 last Monday Dr Mumbo is pleased to see the MW team post a Paul Barry out takes videos.

It proves if nothing else, occasionally, even Media Watch hosts stuff up the autocue…

The social media adventures of media moguls

On Monday Dr Mumbo pointed out the shiny new social media accounts of News Corp’s two bosses new bosses, CEO Peter Tonagh aka “PT” and Australasian chair Michael Miller (let’s call him MM).

It’s fair to say it’s been a packed first week on the job for the pair if their Facebook and Twitter accounts are anything to go by.

Here’s a few of Dr Mumbo’s highlights.

Let’s start with PT taking slightly awkward selfies with his staff:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.45.33 pm Read more »

Network Ten star gets legless

Ten has been busy promoting its 2016 program slate today in the wake of its 2016 Upfronts. 

However, a number of social media users have this afternoon been noting that there’s something very wrong with this Network Ten publicity photo:

Matt Preston Read more »

Nobby to get back his Mojo with global Publicis gig?

David Nobay

David Nobay

The rumour mill is running hot that David Nobay may be about to get his Mojo back with a global chief creative officer role with Publicis.

Those in the know say replacing the departed Grant Rutherford at Publicis Mojo in Sydney would not be the sort of move the Droga5 Sydney founder and former star at Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney would be interested in.

However, a global role with Publicis would be a coup for both, with Nobay having strong relationships within Publicis stemming back to his days at Saatchi. Read more »

The Australian’s big punt on its next boss



Someone in The Australian’s media section has taken a very big punt that the next editor of the paper won’t be Michael Stutchbury. If it is, they could be looking for a new job.

In an online Media Diary piece the paper goes through the odds of the novelty market created by Sportsbet on the favourites to succeed editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell who is set to retire imminently.

While everyone’s hot tip Paul ‘Boris’ Whittaker, editor of the Daily Telegraph, is the favourite the media diarist has taken exception to the idea of Australian Financial Review editor Stutch jumping back over the fence to News Corp.

Indeed they describe Stutch as “Australia’s most indisposed, daffy dilettante editor”, whilst describing Mitchell (still the boss don’t forget) as “Australia’s longest-serving and most experienced editor”. Read more »

The 32nd reason why Peter is the superior Stefanovic brother

Last year Buzzfeed ran a cheeky article 31 reasons Peter is the superior Stefanovic brother. Dr Mumbo has just found the 32nd.

While Dr Mumbo wasn’t surprised to see Today host Karl being used as part of the six person cross by Nine News in Paris for an update on the unfolding tragedy there, he was left wondering what was funny enough to have him cracking up while his five colleagues managed to keep their game faces on.

Read more »

One voice, two social media strategies

As of today News Corp has two new local head honchos – chairman Michael Miller or CEO Peter Tonagh. And it’s already been called into question which one is really in charge.

Things weren’t made any clearer by their first public announcement which issued a joint statement from the pair about Campbell Reid’s new role as chief spin doctor.

But Dr Mumbo wonders if their fate will be decided by their differing approaches to their social media strategies, or who can get the most follows across their profiles.

Today both men launched brand new Facebook pages:

michal miller facebook peter tonagh facebook Read more »

How Leo Burnett’s female management numbers have jumped by 300% since last week

Dr Mumbo would like to offer his hearty congratulations to Leo Burnett staffers Sarah Palmer and Emma Montgomery for their well deserved promotion to the agency’s Sydney management team.

Both have been added to the team picture within the last 48 hours or so, tripling the number of women featured from one to three.

Palmer, head of talent management, has been with Leos for 11 years. Montgomery, who leads the planning team, for nearly two years.

The picture which triggered Cindy Gallop's tweets

The timing of the decision to put them both into the management picture is of course entirely unrelated to last week’s furore over the agency’s tone deaf new creatives picture featuring seven men.

Happily, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine keeps track of such things, so Dr Mumbo is able to celebrate the evolution of what has cruelly been described as Todd’s sausage fest.

September 2013: Here’s the first available version of the management picture, featuring Todd Sampson, Pete Bosilkovski, Andy DiLallo and Amir Mireskandari. (Male ratio: 100%):

September 2013:


July 2014: Sadly Amir has gone (to join M&C Saatchi). Now it’s just the three amigos. Todd makes a rare trip to the right hand side of the picture. Read more »

The Daily TeleHoff

Yesterday global media outlets were duped into thinking David Hasselhoff had changed his name to David Hoff, and forced into rapid rewrites when his agent broke the news it was in face a marketing stunt.

This morning telco Amaysim broke cover and revealed it was behind it, with the idea being to take the ‘Hassel’ out of your life by switching to them (geddit?).

However, it appears the message didn’t filter through to the subs on the Daily Telegraph, who put a 100-word yarn on an inside page asserting the fact The Hoff really is not the Hoff.Daily tele david hoff Read more »

The Hoff causes Hassel for the flip-flopping media

Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasslehoff has caused a stir on social media today after appearing in a Youtube clip claiming to have dropped the ‘Hassle’ from his name, and life.

In a video release earlier today the US star says “I’ve been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years, now I’ve made it official – David Hoff,” holding up an official looking certificate with the shortened name on it.

Of course the video, and a later tweet in which he said “Big news today and a massive relief for me. I hope everyone can understand… it feels great!” was picked up by global media who reported the actor had changed his name.

However most hurriedly changed their coverage after his agent told US media it was part of an ad campaign which is set to drop this weekend. Read more »

ANZAC apologies lest we forget what day it is

Today being Remembrance Day, Dr Mumbo can’t help but think many publishers/journalists will have read today’s Women’s Agenda apology/correction and thought there but for the grace of god… Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.27.52 pm

Read more »

Pedestrian.TV’s coverage of #YourTaxis – sponsored by Uber

In the last 24 hours the Victorian taxi industry’s #YourTaxis hashtag – its effort to fight back against Uber – has received more than its fair share of media coverage with everyone from the ABC, to News Corp, Fairfax, Huffpo and the Daily Mail having waded in.

However, Dr Mumbo can’t help but wonder if the advertising placement around Pedestrian.TV’s report might have needed a little disclaimer somewhere in the piece…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.08.58 am Read more »

A million reason not to take #YourTaxis

The taxi industry has been fighting for its very survival in the past few months, as it looks to beat off what it would say is the insidious creep of ride sharing app Uber.

While the NSW taxi industry went down the route of posting billboards accusing Uber drivers of being serial killers with their ‘Ridesharing, it’s no better than hitchhiking’ billboard, the Victorian chapter decided an outpouring of social media support was in order.

They asked punters to share their experiences in taxis in the state with the hashtag #YourTaxis. After all, what could go wrong?

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.01.48 pm

And it went downhill from there:
Read more »

Fairfax data journalism – paid for by Google

Dr Mumbo was intrigued to see that Fairfax Media is hiring what looks to him like the mainstream media’s first sponsored journalist.

Google is funding an “embedded role within the Sydney Morning Herald newsroom, working on data journalism and coding projects that will help the newsroom experiment and innovate with the latest storytelling technologies and techniques”, reveals the paper’s IT Pro section today.

smh google data journalism

Google is funding Fairfax’s new push into data journalism

smh google tax michael westGiven the outstanding work that Fairfax journo Michael West has been doing in telling readers about large multinational corporations artificially sending their tax liabilities offshore, it seems like this could be a great topic for a data visualisation. Dr Mumbo wonders how tax shifter Google would feel about that.

Still, as Fairfax Media is already renting out office space no longer needed after downsizing its workforce to Google, this seems like perhaps the next logical step.    Read more »

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