World killer threatens to destroy Earth (and Telegraph’s journalistic credibility)

When Mamamia declared last month that clickbait was dead, it would appear that The Daily Telegraph didn’t get the memo

Here’s how it presented this story about an asteroid on Facebook today…

asteroid daily tele clickbait

Source: Facebook

And if the reader can get past the incomprehensible headline

telegraph asteroid headline

… they will finally discover that the “world killer” will pass more than 25m kilometres away. Which is 65 times further away than the Moon.

telegraph asteroid distance

And that the asteroid was discovered 16 years ago.

Well, done everyone.

GroupM’s damaging leak

Leaks have been much in the news of late, causing the removal of a Prime Minister no less.

And GroupM were understandably concerned when it was hit with its own major damaging leak last week – although this one was from an actual sprinkler. Read more »

Twitter’s lamest brand moment of 2015 – brought to you by the spontaneous and authentic marketers of Westpac and Airbnb

Sometimes brands really nail being spontaneous and authentic on Twitter.

At other times, they’re Westpac and Airbnb Australia.

Westpac began the not-at-all scripted exchange between the brands on Friday morning, with one of those tweets that absolutely isn’t simply intended to tap into a consumer insight about first home buyers.

And wouldn’t you know it? Within 20 minutes Airbnb’s social media manager, who of course had been monitoring the Westpac account, was hilariously joining in the conversation with an observation about dads prancing around in their undies. (Really? Is that a thing?)

westpac airbnb twitter 10

Gosh. Brands collaborating. And just when everybody’s talking about how that’s the hot strategy of 2015. What a coincidence. Read more »

Switch to Mitch and a gentle ABC chat with the new communications minister

Mitch FifieldCritics of the ABC have claimed there’s been a sycophantic change of tone from the national broadcaster towards the Government since Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister.

Dr Mumbo says this is nonsense. As this transcript of an encounter between new communications and arts minister Mitch Fifield and ABC Radio National’s Books & Arts presenter Michael Cathcart demonstrates. Read more »

In just ten hours you too can be a bona fide marketing executive

living social digital diplomaWhile he’s met more than a few digital charlatans, Dr Mumbo had no idea it was so easy to become a marketing executive.

Until he received an email from group buying site Living Social, that is.

For just $29, you can do an online ten hour course with the Shaw Academy and get yourself an “accredited online diploma in digital marketing”.

“With live lessons, interactive Q&A sessions, constant support, a one-on-one evaluation from a professional and more, you’ll be a bona fide marketing executive in no time”. Read more »

Kiss off on ABC

That awkward moment when ABC News Breakfast’s presenters start quoting Kiss lyrics, while wearing the makeup.

Black Swans, pandas and copycats

Dr Mumbo is a big fan of the new ad for Black Swan in which a menacing animal threatens a supermarket shopper after he fails to select a product.

He loves it almost as much as the Egyptian Panda Cheese ads of five years ago featuring a menacing animal threatening a supermarket shopper after he fails to select a product. Read more »

Don’t forget your profile

toothbrush feePing! An invitation to connect on LinkedIn enters Dr Mumbo’s inbox. From a toothbrush.

And he begins to feel that he’s about to become part of some sort of marketing activation… Read more »

Bieber v bull

In case you managed to miss it this morning Channel Seven’s breakfast show Sunrise managed to get popstar Justin Bieber onto Sydney’s Cockatoo Island in front of hundreds of screaming fans to play a gig.

Sunrise hosts Sam Armytage and David Koch got the obligatory selfie with Bieber

Sunrise hosts Sam Armytage and David Koch got the obligatory selfie with Bieber

Not to be outdone Channel Nine’s Today show, currently on its We Love Australia tour, came live from the ‘gateway to the outback’ Longreach, and featured some good old fashioned fun including Karl Stefanovic in a tug of war: Read more »

Water on Mars is out-of-this-world PR

On a rare day the gods smile upon marketers.

Dr Mumbo suspects that the team at Twentieth Century Fox will be offering an extra sacrifice to those gods to thank them for the PR riches that NASA has bestowed upon them.

If you’ve a film opening on Thursday called The Martian, about a man growing potatoes on Mars in order to survive, then the ideal time for NASA to announce that it has found water on the planet would be today.

The-Martian Read more »

Men go to work on Atomic iPhone stunt

mashable iphone robotKudos to media agency Atomic 212 for managing to get a lot of media attention for sending a ‘robot’ (or iPad on wheels) to queue up for a new iPhone.

The agency’s boss Jason Dooris told AdNews the stunt had been picked up by ‘1200’ global media outlets, not a bad result.

And there’s one image which shows an ordinary punter getting a selfie with the gadget, showing how curious punters were about it which managed to make websites including Sky News, Pedestrian TV, Mashable, Engadget and even Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.41.48 am Read more »

Sunrise’s school holiday lingerie parade

There’s something deeply, deeply disturbing about the number of kids glued to the window of the Sunrise studio this morning while lingerie models parade Dita von Tesse’s new collection live in the studio.

Read more »

Gruen’s conflict shop

todd sampson gruen conflictAnd so to ABC’s Gruen, which last night covered as its two major topics the rise of Aldi and Etihad’s global ad featuring Nicole Kidman.

Two subjects which you’d think would put regular panelist Todd Sampson at something of a conflict, given the agency he is chairman of, Leo Burnett, has Woolworths as its biggest client.

Or the fact he also sits on the board of Qantas, one of the companies which has suffered most at the rise of Etihad in Australia. Read more »

Next on Seven, Watersports With James Blunt

To Sunrise, the home of the Cash Cow and (for as long as his X Factor contract obliges it) occasional guest James Blunt.

The team quizzed Mr B about his winning ways on Twitter, where he’ll often take on those who diss him, retweeting them along with a sardonic swipe.

They illustrated it with a few of Blunt’s greatest tweets and of course couldn’t resist the temptation to use one that mentioned the network’s talent show The X Factor. Read more »

The sad sight of two colleagues tearing each other apart over the battle for leadership

The events of the last week have been painful for Dr Mumbo to watch, as the nation’s right wing leaders have turned viciously upon each other.

He has found himself becoming increasingly saddened at the breakdown in relationship between the two long time colleagues and combatants.

Yes, the falling out between the Australian’s editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell and News Corp’s columnist Andrew Bolt has been harrowing indeed. Read more »

Five star proof that the staff of BCM Partnership are definitely not astroturfers

Dr Mumbo felt rather sorry for Brisbane ad agency BCM partnership after its staff were busted astroturfing a government client’s App Store ratings.

As one anonymous – but (Dr Mumbo is certain) completely disinterested commenter who happens to have a Brisbane IP address put it on Mumbrella: “Who Cares? If this helps them get a good app into people’s hands then good on them.”    Read more »

Welcome to ABC Malcolm24

While Dr Mumbo is still getting used to the new regime – in which every program on our national broadcaster either features new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, or talks about him – its fair to say that the viewing public are already down with it.

Last night’s ratings for the ABC – which saw Turnbull feature in the 7pm news bulletin; get interviewed for the duration of 7.30; be profiled on Australian Story; have his overthrow of Tony Abbott analysed on Four Corners; have media coverage of the spill rehashed on Media Watch; opposition leader Bill Shorten get grilled over Turnbull’s ascension on Q&A; Nightline analyse what Macolm had had to say during the day; and The Business examine what Malcolm’s new cabinet means for the economy – were some of the network’s strongest of 2015.

So little wonder that #MalcolmTVshows started to trend today. Read more »

Leigh Sales’ guide to critiquing her interviews

Leigh Sales probably feels like she can’t win at the moment. The ABC’s premier political interviewer was attacked today for being using ‘kid gloves’ in an interview with Malcolm Turnbull last night by The Australian this morning.

It is of course the same paper which slammed her in May for being too tough on then Treasurer Joe Hockey after his second budget.

To save them writing time Sales has tweeted a cheat sheet to writing about her interviews in future:

leigh sales tweet interview guide Read more »

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