NSW Police’s super hero name game did not go well

There are plenty of Sydneysiders less than impressed the the lockout laws some claim have turned the city’s entertainment districts into ghost towns.

So when the social media unit at NSW Police decided to launch a fun little campaign on Facebook announcing that “Sydney is getting a New Hero”, it didn’t take long for the conversation to shift from anticipation to anger.

Indeed it never seemed to hit the anticipation stage.

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Go, 7Flix, Go

There’s a well-known tactic from our major free-to-air TV networks of trying to match each other’s programming to not allow the other one the advantage.

Now it appears Network Seven has gone one better and matched rival Nine Network’s branding with the launch of its new channel 7Flix.

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GQ’s fortnight in seven days

It strikes Dr Mumbo that calendars may not be GQ’s strong point…
GQ seven day workout valentine

Or perhaps, they’re just really big fans of The Simpsons…

homer half ripped

The stress of live TV

The joy of live television – and indeed a big reason to watch – is that anything could happen.

Which may be why the live broadcast of the musical Grease:Live was such a ratings hit in the US.

And may also be why it was such a ratings flop when Nine finally broadcast it, decidedly unlive, 48 hours later when the stakes were exponentially lower.

Footage has now emerged of what was going on in the live control room. Dr Mumbo doesn’t think he’s ever watched anything quite so stressful. Read more »

Ultratune: empowering women one app at a time

UltratuneAdvocates of social media outrage may have noticed that car-fixing emporium Ultratune isn’t noted for a progressive approach to its marketing, regularly attracting many complaints of sexism.

Not to worry, Ultratune has come to the rescue, revealing the answer the world has been seeking courtesy of a Behind the Scenes look at its latest ad. Read more »

A very fishy marketing ploy

Former Big Brother contestant and some-time radio personality Michael Beveridge took to Twitter to register his amazement at the fact he was sent a free can of ‘Finnish Tuna’ saying: “I never get sent promotional products ever, but I just got sent a can of Finnish tuna and I’m really confused”.

Unfortunately for Michael, he still hasn’t received anything worthwhile, because like thousands of canned fish fanatics who were handed a free sample of the brand – the tin contained just a piece of paper showing a picture of the ocean with the words “imagine a world without fish”.

It’s fair to say he was somewhat disappointed:

michael beveridge finnish tuna

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Coles makes a Monkey of Chinese New Year


Coles lucky Bamboo. Click to enlarge.

Chinese New Year is upon us, and Dr Mumbo is pleased to see so many brands getting involved in marketing initiatives around it.

Supermarket chain Coles has caused quite a stir in the Chinese community with its decoratively-potted lucky bamboo, but not in the way it would have wanted.

Next year is the Year of the Monkey, and the pots feature a cute illustration of a monkey. Unfortunately for Coles while the picture is right the traditional Chinese character accompanying it is actually ‘goat’. Read more »

Mike Watson: Relevant. Communicatively relevant.

PRIA's Watson

All good things come to an end. But even so, Dr Mumbo is sorry to see Mike Watson stepping down as president of the PR Institute of Australia to be replaced by Jennifer Muir next week.

And Mike’s gone out doing what he does best: staying communicatively relevant.

The great communicator has sent a final note to members, sharing his thoughts on his exit. He tells them:

“Meanwhile, I’m participating in PRIA’s reinvigorated whole of organisation approach to skilling-up the newcomers joining our broad-community, plus those keeping communicatively relevant. Even when we think we know everything, it turns out that life-long learning is a proven paradigm for staying alive.”

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Tropfest, the festival of fund raising

john polson tropfestDr Mumbo was as sorry as anyone to hear about last year’s cancellation of short film festival Tropfest after undisclosed shenanigans blamed on the management company.

And he was as delighted as anyone when new sponsor CGU Insurance stepped in a few weeks later, to allow the event to go ahead next month instead.

So his eyebrows raised slightly at the weekend’s news that the organisers, led by founder John Polson, would like some more money – $100,000 to be exact.    Read more »

The Guardian puts George Pell in the Spotlight

The award for appropriate ad placement of the day goes to the marketers behind film, Spotlight.

Banner ads for the film, which is about a team of Boston Globe reporters who uncover widespread cover-ups of child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church, are currently appearing on The Guardian alongside a story about Cardinal George Pell being too unwell to travel to appear at a Royal Commission into…child sexual abuse by the Catholic Church.

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FitzSimons of The Tele

Fitzsimons tele

Dr Mumbo nearly choked on his traditional Australia Day breakfast of lamingtons and Bundy after opening up Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph this morning.

There on page 15 was the Sydney Morning Herald’s most popular columnist Peter FitzSimons writing for its News Corp rival.

It would certainly mark a big defection. Read more »

Deadpool for Lambassador?

Move over Lee Lin Chin and Sam Kekovich, Dr Mumbo has found the next ‘Lambassador’ – super hero Deadpool.

Let’s face it, it’s not every day the star of a forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster takes time out to wish people a happy Australia Day – even if he does get a little distracted along the way.

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Mitch Fifield’s beard begs big questions in media reform: will he or won’t he?

The new year is gearing up to be a big one in the media landscape, with all eyes on Communications Minister Mitch Fifield.

Industry insiders are asking ‘will he or won’t he’? But the question may not be what you think it is…


No it’s not the reach rule, rules on media ownership/diversity or even the question of media reform more broadly; the question media insiders appear to be asking is: will Mitch shave off the summer beard?  Read more »

Gold by the barrel

When the world’s financial markets are tumbling, the anxious public turns to the television to find out what’s going on.

Dr Mumbo isn’t convinced that Today news reader Aislin Kriukelis was entirely on top of the intricacies of the situation this morning.

Unless this whole selling gold by the barrel thing – and for only $20 at that – is a new development.

MLA ‘Operation Boomerang’ outrage – what they really said… really

When an ad sets new records for complaints Dr Mumbo is always interested in what has made people so angry.

Meat and Livestock Australia’s Operation Boomerang is just such an ad, drawing more than 600 complaints and in the interests of helping inform the debate we present our selection of the top 20:

Ashley Madison Billboard Sydney mumbrella

Animals die for meat consumption. Ashley Madison – no one dies. Big difference. Please ban. Read more »

‘A koala hiding a hangover’: Twitter’s new Australia Day emoji

If it doesn’t have an emoji it didn’t happen seems to be the rule these days.

So Twitter has launched a new emoji for Australia Day, a koala wearing sunglasses.

It’s already getting feedback with one person suggesting the koala might be hiding a hangover. And what’s moreAustralian than that?

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Ten’s jungle adventure to get a new spin?

Daily MailDr Mumbo was intrigued to read the proclamation by the Daily Mail today that Nine cricket commentator and spin bowling legend Shane Warne may be headed to the jungle for Ten’s reality series I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The jungle show is set to return to Ten on Sunday, January 31, while the network today refused to be drawn on the speculation.

But Dr Mumbo notes that since the story was published the cricket star has been tweeting furiously about his plans to visit the UK in the coming weeks. Read more »

Meet the agency boss who talked to the CEO of Dick Smith about taking risks

Dr Mumbo presumes that the column from Atomic 212 boss Jason Dooris for The Daily Telegraph’s Work Life Daily page today was filed well before Christmas.

Otherwise, he suspects that Mr Dooris might not be quite so proud of having persuaded client Dick Smith’s boss Nick Abboud to take risks.

As readers will no doubt be aware, Mr Abboud ignominiously resigned last week after leading the company into receivership and making a personal paper loss of $34m.

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