A terrifying text from Telstra

Dr Mumbo had never really thought of himself as a member of the tin foil hat brigade.

But this unexpected lunchtime text from Telstra does have him reaching for his roll of Glad Aluminium Foil to prepare for an impending catastrophe.

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Preview and tracking mode

The market scuttlebutt around the local launch of the Huffington Post says it will launch next week.

And while the joint-venture with Fairfax is in the midst of a hiring blitz it seems the rumours might well be right, as Dr Mumbo discovered the Australian domain is password protected and in ‘Preview and tracking’ mode – a sure sign things are in motion.

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Mamamia should have gone to Specsavers

American actress Eva Longoria went off on one on Instagram after Sydney Morning Herald “journalist” (her quote marks, not Dr Mumbo’s) Jenna Clarke suggested she doesn’t wear glasses, but still endorses discount glasses chain Specsavers.

Even more amusing than Eva’s hissy fit was Mamamia’s confusing coverage, which contrasted Longoria’s Instagram response to Clarke with her other happier posts.

mamamia eva longoria

Unfortunately for the Mamamia team there were a few clues to tell them they had inadvertently dragged in Sofia Vergara’s Instagram posts. They might have picked up on one or two subtle clues.

For example, Vergara crouching next to her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:Mamamia Longoria/Vergara

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Casting a wide net

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but feel there was something quite familiar about the ordinary people used in the Internet Games and Entertainment Association’s new case study videos.

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The worst PR moves in history

While Dr Mumbo is not a fan of the lazy stealing of content from the Reddit hive mind, he can’t go past a recent thread on the worst PR moves in history.

You can see all 14,506 contributions in their full glory here.

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Matt Preston’s live score service

For foodies the Masterchef grand final is the equivalent of the NRL or AFL grand final for sports fans. So it was an unfortunate coincidence that the food producer’s night of nights – the Delicious magazine Produce Awards – clashed with the Ten show’s last episode last night.

Luckily NewsLifeMedia had hired Masterchef judge Matt Preston as the MC for the evening, and the food critic was on hand to give live score updates in the nail-biting finale.

Editor-in-chief of delicious magazine Kerrie McCallum, Preston and NewsLifeMedia group publisher food brands Fiona Nilsson

Editor-in-chief of delicious magazine Kerrie McCallum, Preston and NewsLifeMedia group publisher food brands Fiona Nilsson

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A Hulking oversight

The world’s second most famous sportsman to wear yellow lycra, Hulk Hogan, was unceremoniously scrubbed from all of WWE’s properties at the weekend after allegations emerged he had made some racial slurs in a sex tape of him having sex with his best friend’s wife.

Fans of lycra-clad telenovella will know the Hulkster  (aka Terry Bollea) was supposed to be fighting performing in Australia next week as part of the global circus’ tour here.

Fortunately the good folk at Melbourne’s Rod Laver arena and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre were on the ball and pulled his image from their websites ASAP.

However, the catchily named Qantas Credit Union Arena seem to have missed the memo – with a whopping great picture of old Tel front and centre in its website.
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Sky News – where the magic happens

While Dr Mumbo is a little bored of drunken supporters bellowing into microphones while a hapless sports reporter conducts a live cross, this takes background bombing to a whole new level.

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Is reality television unreal? Ask Google

Sometimes Dr Mumbo suspects that the viewing public doesn’t have much trust in the people who make their reality TV shows.

Google’s autocomplete function gives a handy insight into what questions people are asking.

Dr Mumbo isn’t always great at spotting a pattern, so he wonders if anybody else can see one here…

Take Nine’s The Voice. Viewers wonder if it’s rigged or fake.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.31.02 pm

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When will seals take over New Zealand?

Snapchat. Everyone’s on it, including the very youthful looking team at Stuff.co.nz.

And to celebrate they’ve created this…creative…video looking at some of the big issues they cover. Are you sick of living in a cold damp flat, and when will seals finally take over New Zealand.

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Mia, do you sometimes feel like you’re running out of things to be outraged about?

Dr Mumbo has never quite understood why certain elements of the digital world feel so strongly about Mamamia founder Mia Freedman.

Nonetheless her grilling by Tom Gleeson’s on ABC’s The Weekly last night was something to behold.

The question: “Do you ever click on your own clickbait and think: ‘Why am I reading this shit?'” is a toughie.

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Bodey and the ‘digital dipshits’

Some days it feels like News.com.au is treated a bit like the tearaway member of the News Corp Australia family, with all their click bait and lack of paywalls.

But it seems The Australian’s veteran media and entertainment writer Michael Bodey has a special nickname for them after they broke the embargo on a story from his new book: “Digital dipshits”.

“So 8 people have galleys to my new book but the digital dipshits at my co. @newscomauHQ are the ones to break embargo” he tweeted today.

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Chris the garbo

Being a good agency CEO is all about getting your hands dirty. As Cummins & Partners boss Chris Jeffares would know.

Exhibit 1:  This morning’s live Mumbrella video hangout with the agency’s chief strategy officer Adam Ferrier, as he spruiked next week’s MSIX marketing science conference whilst roaming the office.

Is that Jeffares who creeps up from the right, loudly empties Adam’s dustbin at the 6:45 point of the video before retreating, looking suitably pleased with himself?

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Digital marketing lessons from the professionals

Ping! A couple of emails excitingly arrive in Dr Mumbo’s inbox from Australia’s direct marketing association, ADMA.

Apparently they’re doing some training courses in digital marketing.

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All these channels and nothing to watch but Amy Schumer

The great thing about free-to-air TV is it gives viewers a real choice over what they watch.

If by choice, you mean very very similar interviews with Hollywood star Amy Schumer.

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Swimming with social sharks

After the world was gripped by a shark attack on heroic Aussie surfer Mick Fanning on live TV this morning, insurance company AAMI was the first brand that deemed it safe to fish in the social waters with an audacious tweet that subtly hinted that life insurance might be a good idea.

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Optus’ location services fail

Targeted advertising is the holy grail for many in ad land today. It’s all about talking to the right people in the right location.

But commuters at some Sydney rail stations have been left wondering why telco Optus said ‘Yes!’ to sticking ads targeted at the wrong suburbs up at some railway stations.

Like the good folk of Burwood who had an ad targeted at people from nearby Croydon put up at their train station.

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Cooking up a copyright infringement

Masterchef has been a smash for Channel Ten this year, doing more than any other show to help turn around the network’s fortune.

So the good folks at Ten must be a bit annoyed to find rivals Channel Nine have managed to cook up a very similar logo and visual language for new cooking show Hot Plate:

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