Buzzfeed in a pickle?

Ninemsn is having a crack at the social content market with Pickle, “a viral news site that delivers what’s trending on social media alongside offbeat and interesting, original features.”

The site is clearly aimed as a competitor to US viral content site Buzzfeed, although it seems the Australian team isn’t taking the threat too seriously if this tweet is anything to go by:


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When science journalism meets animal faces

There are those who would claim the mainstream media is dumbing down, especially where science is concerned.

But Dr Mumbo is pleased to see the nation’s most popular website engaging its audience with hard hitting science yarns, such as this story about a lamb born with the face of an angry old man. Read more »

From the people who brought you property listings comes Avalon Now

It seems Fairfax’s property portal Domain is moving firmly into the world of content marketing – creating this hard hitting drama about the everyday lives of the downtrodden souls living in Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Avalon Now.

Dr Mumbo hopes this issues-based series gets picked up by a commercial network, if just to see whether there are enough striped t-shirts in Sydney to last a 20-episode run.

If you haven’t seen this parody of life on Sydney’s northern beaches, it’s time.

Posted by Domain on Thursday, 26 March 2015

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Ever wondered what a day in the life of Grant Denyer is like? Thought not

Who says investigative journalism is dead. managed to get the piece every hack’s been fighting over – what a day in the life of Grant Denyer is like.

GD walks us through a typical day of filming five episodes of Family Feud, from getting up at 8am to going to bed at 10.45pm – it’s a strenuous routine.

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Karl apologises to the Kiwis, and their ‘attractive livestock’

Yesterday Karl Stefanovic ruffled a few feathers with a bit of banter with an Indian cricket fan asking him who would be manning the 7-Eleven’s while the Australia v India cricket match played out, and suggesting New Zealanders were “dole bludgers”.

Inevitably today Karl was told to apologise on air, so he did – kind of – to “anyone across the ditch, or in Bondi, who took offence”.

“For my Kiwi brothers and sisters, calling you dole bludgers was an awful cheap stereotype and just not true” – Karl#Today9

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, 26 March 2015

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Will Colvin: Tramp fighting and coke with hookers in the newsroom. It’s the Inception of video journalism about journalism

will colvin sneakyDr Mumbo hadn’t been expecting to hear much more about Will Colvin, the man who pulled a George Costanza during his less than stellar stint on

But this very entertaining video interview with Sneaky mag editor James Branson about the commissioning process of the article, along with its aftermath is a great postscript.

On the one hand, Dr Mumbo isn’t convinced that Colvin’s nickname at high school was “the fat goth”. And on the other, he doubts that Mr Colvin really brought two prostitutes into the newsroom and snorted cocaine off the editor’s desk with them.

If you can only watch one semi-fictionalised video interview about the overreaction to a hyperbolic feature article today, then Dr Mumbo strongly recommends you make it this one. Read more »

David Pocock’s hand of God

Former Wallbies captain David Pocock made headlines after speaking out against homophobia during a match between the Waratahs and the Brumbies.

It has not gone unnoticed by some however, that the SMH may be putting him on a very high “god-like” pedestalDavid Pocock Read more »

Kyle, Jackie O and Karl take on Rihanna, Kayne and McCartney

KarlDr Mumbo really doesn’t know where to begin with this one…

KiisFM’s Kyle and Jackie O have joined together with the Today’s show’s Karl Stefanovic to do a lipsynced parody of Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney’s hit track Four Five Seconds.

You have to given them credit its pretty funny. Although we do have our doubts about Karl’s McCartney likeness… (the wig Karl, the wig).

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Lee Lin Chin: ‘CommsCon is like the Logies with less famous and certainly less beautiful people’

After we wrote about her back in September SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin tweeted that she didn’t know what a ‘Mumbrella’ was.

Lee Lin Chin

Well confusion might have still reigned a little at Wednesday’s CommsCon awards (something about mushroom shaped umbrellas) but Dr Mumbo is pleased to report Lee is getting her head around what his colleagues do for a living.

SBS’s in-house “comedy genius” last night explained to a packed room of 350 PR professionals that it was “an online newspaper for media people who like to read about themselves”.

Dr Mumbo wouldn’t necessarily disagree with her description.

Lee’s many fans can watch her full opening address below where she takes on Mumbrella, CommsCon and the public relations industry’s “night of nights”.

She also noted that she is available, very available, as an MC for events:

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X-rated Incan toytime with Today Show’s Stevie Jacobs

Today Show weatherman Stevie Jacob is in Peru this week. (Obviously he didn’t get Karl Stefanovic’s memo about not going overseas.)

And he’s been showing viewers various Incan artefacts.

stevioe jacobs peru dildo

But was that what Dr Mumbo thought it was, in the centre of the shot? Read more »

Once you’ve seen how slow off the mark the media is, you can’t unsee it

While it is of course a sad fact of life that modern journalism sometimes consists of little more than repurposing Reddit, at least some are still dedicated to fact checking before posting.

Take Natarsha Belling’s unfortunate wardrobe choice, first posted on Reddit nearly 72 hours ago with the message “When you see it you cannot unsee it.”

reddit natarsh belling

Clearly in the nearly three days that have passed since this post about the Ten newsreader went viral, the crack investigative team at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph have been ensuring they have every T crossed and I dotted before finally posting on Facebook the same fucking message.

tele facebook belling

Ditto, 2Day FM, who even managed to mess up the cropping of the image on their Facebook post to miss the joke.

2day fm belling

And Mix…

natarsha belling mix

Update: And now the SMH too:

smh unsee belling

The Snowdens: new awards for hackers

And so to Austin in Texas, where tech investor Bill Gurley was interviewed on stage by eminent financial journalist Malcolm Gladwell on stage at SXSW.

The conversation turned to hacking, and one of Gurley’s more recent investments Hacker1, which gives rewards to hackers who have found vulnerabilities in companies’ cyber security and reporting it to them.

“How do you know what to pay them?” asked Gladwell.

“There’s a scalable list depending on the type of vulnerability,” replied Gurley.

“So basically what you have done is regulated a criminal market?” posited Gladwell. Read more »

Fitting it in

Saturday’s edition of the Manly Daily appears to have had a minor but important typo on its front page.

Manly  DailyIn Dr Mumbo’s day they would have just shrunk the font size in order to fit in the words, but in this instance they appear to have just dropped a letter…  Read more »

Happy Pi day

You’ll be forgiven for having missed it, but Saturday marked a once in a century event – Pi day.

For the less mathematically gifted amongst us Pi Day is the exact time and date that line up to form the numbers of Pi – (and please forgive the American use of the date, it’s the only way you can get it to works as April doesn’t have 31 days) 3-14-15, the only time until 2015 the date lines up for the first five digits of the infinite number.

Unsurprisingly brands jumped on the bandwagon.

In fairness to Ford if Dr Mumbo’s maths classes had been like this he might have paid more attention:

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A round of applause for Captain Risky

Budget Direct’s new character Captain Risky might have divided opinion in Australia, but his homespun American accented shenanigans received a rapturous welcome in the US this morning.

In a bid to “wake up” an audience lulled into a stupor by a fairly intense half hour sales pitch for the updated Adobe Analytics tool, Budget Direct’s marketing boss Jonathan Kerr showed the new ad, prefacing it bravely with: “We’re kinda like a really cool combination of Esure and Geico.”

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So Michael Keaton, why didn’t you win the Best Actor Oscar?

And so to sunny Salt Lake City and the Adobe Summit, where star of Batman, Beetlejuice and Birdman (although not a B-lister) Michael Keaton was on bombastic form, talking life, films, and vaguley hinting he felt there was a coming class war.

He was being interviewed on stage in front of 6,500 people by Anne Lewnes, Adobe’s chief marketing officer and closest approximation to Leigh Sales – who wasted no time in going for the jugular by asking him: “Why didn’t you win the Best Actor Oscar?”

It didn’t take long for the memes to take off:

In fairness to Keaton he tackled the question at length – five minutes to be precise. Read more »

Need to liven up a news article? Combine the topic with the word ‘lingerie’ and search the image libraries

screenshot news flight attendantDr Mumbo was of course enthralled to read’s lengthy article about airline staff accommodation in Orlando. And who wouldn’t be intrigued by the idea of “a secret hostie crash pad”?

But he did wonder a little about the image used to illustrate the article, as it looked like no flight attendant he was familiar with.

So he did a reverse search via Google Images.

news hostie crash pad

And whaddaya know… it’s available from picture library Shutterstock, with the key words “flight attendant lingerie”. Read more »

Shopping from your watch: Woolworths and the Apple Watch

Dr Mumbo was amused to notice a familiar looking icon during Apple’s Spring Forward event this morning

Supermarket giant Woolworths appears to have found its way into the presentation causing Dr Mumbo wondering just how much money that cost the chain…

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.16.50 AM

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