Coming out of his Shell House: How an industry leader lives

The man behind agencies Host, One Green Bean and recent start-up with Universal Music, Bring, Anthony Freedman is selling his modest seaside home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, called The Shell House.

anthony freedman shell house

According to the blurb on the five bed, four bath and four-car garage property in Bronte, which he owns with actress wife Sophie Lee (best known for her roles in The Castle and Muriel’s Wedding), is a “sculpturally imaginative and dramatic new residence”.

According to the listing: “No expense has been spared to create this world-class surfside home. Truly a creative masterpiece for resort-style beachside entertaining.”

And the asking price for the new home set atop a sandstone ridge? It won’t be going for less than $10m.

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Watch House Rules… or The Voice

Dr Mumbo is sure that Seven will be utterly delighted about having invested in this page takeover on the SMH…

nine voice seven SMH

Woolworths, the tactical ad people

Dr Mumbo can’t help wondering if its coincidence or incredible tactical ad buying that sees a Woolworths pre-roll appear before this Courier-Mail video of bugs in a packet of Coles pasta.

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Turning Japanese

the guardian tweet japaneseThe Guardian found a novel way to spread the news of Leicester City’s remarkable achievements in winning the English Premier League this afternoon, sending out a tweet in Japanese.

In case you’re wondering what it all means here’s what Tweetdeck’s translate mode offered up to Dr Mumbo:

“Premier League Leicester City of Okazaki Shinji-latest information…#LeicesterCity #LCFC Leicester Championship” Read more »

Buying (and selling) low

Life can be confusing if you’re a reader of The Sunday Telegraph.

Constantly, you might be asking yourself: “As an unsophisticated investor, what shares shall I buy and sell?”

Luckily, the newspaper has on hand share-tippers Mark Goulopoulos and Geoff Saffer. Read more »

When men talk about feminism on television

Poor old Weekend Sunrise.

How could the show possibly known in advance that if it put Mark Latham on live to debate gender politics that it would lose control of the segment.

Badham looks to the skies as she battles for a chance to speak

Badham looks to the skies as she battles for a chance to speak

So how could its “special investigation” into whether men are misunderstood – “Does society need to have more empathy for me?” – possibly do anything but bring greater understanding for the issue that’s so well suited to breakfast television? Read more »

Winning Fairfax hacks prepare for the big battle – mile high rock, paper and scissors

Citi Journalism Awards logo smallTo Sydney’s Citigroup Centre and the Citi Journalism Awards recognising the best work in financial and business journalism. And while it was a good night for Fairfax, none of News Corp’s hacks had to make the arduous trip to the stage.

The category winners were: Read more »

24 Hours With… Sophie Monk

Ever wondered what former pop star, radio and TV host Sophie Monk is doing at any given time? Well, wonder no more – the Daily Mail appears to have launched a new service bringing readers everything she does in her day.

Indeed the Mail had managed to post three stories about Monk’s activities on Thursday, complete with a dozens of pictures and patronising filler prose, by just 2:00pm in its sidebar of shame.

Even the Australia’s Got Talent judge’s most ardent stalker would struggle to keep up with that.

To put it in perspective, Monk managed to beat out perennial favourite Kim Kardashian (one story in the rail), former Bachelor Tim Robbards (who had two yarns) and DJ Kyle Sandilands (who also had two yarns there).

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Tara Brown takes on Tara Brown

Plenty has been said and written about 60 Minutes’ child recovery fiasco in Lebanon over recent weeks.

But possibly one of the most powerful critiques of Nine’s ethics in this story arrived in last night’s episode of The Weekly, which cut clips of Brown’s devastating questioning of disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson and put them together with some of her answers from her interview on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes episode.

Dr Mumbo recommends you take a minute to watch it:  Read more »

It isn’t Anzac Day unless…there’s a number #1 countdown on MTV

MTV-logo-21Dr Mumbo can’t help but think it isn’t Anzac Day unless at least one brand crassly commercialises a day aside for us to remember the contribution of the Diggers who gave their lives in the fight for our freedoms.

This year the award for the most cringeworthy commercialisation of Anzac Day would appear to go to Australia’s MTV:  Read more »

Big in South Australia

Hot on the heels its the claim that News Corp Australia has a bigger reach than Facebook (based on EMMA numbers) the newspaper publisher has once again raised the stakes.

A new print ad in the Adelaide Advertiser boldly tells readers how the ‘Tiser is now: “Bigger in SA than Facebook”

News SA FacebookThe bold claim even comes with a cheeky big thumbs up. Read more »

Integrity marketing

A lot has been said and written about the 60 Minutes kidnapping fiasco in the last fortnight.

But Dr Mumbo has to give the Chaser points for this campaign:  Read more »

Flying high with Seven

There are various ways of enticing advertisers to spend their marketing dollars.

qantas first

A vigorous discussion about the ROI of My Kitchen Rules

And Dr Mumbo notes that Seven West Media and affiliate Prime has seized upon a new plan…

You can earn Qantas Aquire points based on the number of advertising dollars you spend with the Seven family.  Read more »

Kerry Packer and the intern

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.45.34 amDr Mumbo is a big fan of “tell all” memoirs and Bauer Media exec Marina Go’s definitely delivered a number of juicy anecdotes.

And while his colleagues have focus on Go’s past relationship with her new boss Nick Chan, Dr Mumbo’s favourite tale from  ‘Break Through: 20 Success Strategies for Female Leaders’ was one involving Kerry Packer, a work experience student called Jo and a tray of coffees. Read more »

Peggy – An award winning idea for OMO?

Some obviously completely unrelated facts:

  1. JWT has just launched “Peggy”, the world’s first “smart peg” for OMO which detects when it’s time to bring the washing in;
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Where honourable journalism goes to die

Even as Nine’s 60 Minutes crew were in their final hours of detention in Beirut yesterday after kidnap charges were dropped, Dr Mumbo notes it was tabloid television as usual in the newsroom of Nine News Melbourne.

Nine and Seven were both chasing the story of Chris Woods, who was allegedly shoved onto tracks as a train approached.

Of course, there’s one journalistic tradition when dealing with the subject of stories – use whatever means are necessary to persuade them not to speak to your rival.

paul dowsley

Dowsley: “Dodgy”


McGrath: “nasty”

But it’s usually best not to do it in a permanent way – otherwise they may get to see it.

Which led to an outraged tweet from Seven’s Paul Dowsley last night, labelling Nine News’ chief of staff Kate McGrath “a desperate and nasty competitor”. Read more »

Channelling Ron Burgundy

Yesterday saw Nine’s sports news reader Ken Sutcliffe experience an autocue failure in the middle of a news bulletin.

Sutcliffe was clearly channelling his best impression of Anchorman’s anchorman Ron Burgundy as he threw to reporter “two-way boxes” who apparently was live at AFL house:

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The Katering Kates spoof Depp and Heard

It was only a matter of time before the spoofs of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ‘apology’ video began arriving.

Dr Mumbo’s colleague was chatting with the Kates from the the Katering Show just last week when they lamented how little money they made from YouTube.  Read more »

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