An answer for Adam: Looking at the bigger picture

Each fortnight, Naked’s Adam Ferrier poses a question to the industry. This week, in a piece that first appeared in Encore, he ponders good corporate citizenship.Adam Ferrier

I have three related questions for you this issue. I was in a meeting the other day and remarked that because of ‘transparency’, social media, and general people empowerment, many new successful brands have a socio-capitalistic business model at the heart of their business. This allows these businesses to chase unfettered growth as, in general, the more money they make, the more money they give.

My first question this week is a) was I talking shit (drinking brand x, y and z’s Cool-Aid) or do many more businesses now indeed have a heart?

And if the businesses now doing well do have a heart – then my second question is are we heading for (in the distant future) a democracy with a more socialist leaning economy? I find it almost hysterical the hysteria that still reverberates around the word ‘socialism’. However, park this for a moment and think about the dynamics of organisations self regulating around more caring principles. If the trend continues, will we find ourselves with an entire economy that is not founded in self interest alone?

And finally, c) could this phenomenon be enough to one day reverse the trend of the ever-increasing disparity of wealth in this country?

Adam Ferrier is a consumer psychologist and the founder of Naked Communications.


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