Outdoor Media Association NZ reports 30% year on year revenue increase for Q1

The Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand has reported a 30% increase in revenue for quarter one of 2017.

The announcement:

The advertising revenue spent through members of the Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ) continues to grow at levels unseen in the history of the medium.

In quarter 1 2017, revenue was recorded at $26.37 million. When you compare this vs the same period last year, the growth was an additional $6.1million or an increase of 30%.

All three individual months demonstrated significant growth, with March recording an outstanding 35% increase vs the same period last year and over 70% increase vs March three years ago.

OMANZ General Manager, Derek Lindsay, commented, “The increase in total quality sites along with the growth in digital screens has driven a lot of this growth. However, all Outdoor companies have developed smarter, targeted marketing and sales thinking, resulting in better quality solutions for agencies and advertisers. This approach will continue to drive growth in the Outdoor medium in the foreseeable future”.

Source: QMS



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