DDB Melbourne’s new ECD brings in Rob Beamish and Jim Ritchie from JWT

Rob Beamish and Jim Ritchie

The new ECD of DDB Melbourne has made two more senior creative hires.

Darren Spiller, who recently replaced Grant Rutherford as DDB Melbourne’s ECD, and who brought in Simon Bagnasco as creative director last week, has hired creative directors Rob Beamish and Jim Ritchie from local rival JWT.

Beamish joined JWT from Publicis Mojo in September last year, and Ritchie was promoted to partner him.

“Rob and Jim are the perfect addition to the DDB creative department. They’re very mature, seasoned creatives, but have retained that rare ability of continually giving their ideas an edge,” said Spiller.

Beamish noted: ““When the opportunity arose to go to an agency like DDB and work with a talent like Darren we didn’t think twice. We’re really looking forward to testing our creative mettle and being part of shaping the future of DDB.”

The new duo start on 17 September.


  1. Cognitively Dissonant
    21 Aug 12
    3:18 pm

  2. “Come to my arms, my Beamish boy.
    Oh frabjuous day
    Caloo, Calay”
    He chortled in his joy.

    There’s more bed-hopping going on in Cremorne than in an episode of Big Brother.

  3. Woody
    21 Aug 12
    4:10 pm

  4. What’s going on down there? Funny photo though.

  5. Get your facts right...
    21 Aug 12
    8:29 pm

  6. I’m pretty sure Jim never worked at Mojo. Good on ya boys!

  7. Robin Hicks
    21 Aug 12
    8:49 pm

  8. Hey GYFS,

    So he didn’t, sorry about that. Now corrected.

    Robin – Mumbrella

  9. Ivan Ardon
    22 Aug 12
    12:24 pm

  10. hahaha they’re holding hands. That’s creative