Radio legend John Kerr to retire from 2UE’s midnight to dawn weekend shift

John Kerr is retiring after 56 years in radio

Radio 2UE’s weekend midnight to dawn presenter John Kerr will sign off on his final program at 5.30am Monday after 56 years in radio.

Kerr has held the spot for the past 18 years, and will be farewelled by staff at a boardroom celebration at 2UE this afternoon.

Station boss Chris Parker said Kerr had worked across metropolitan and regional markets during his career, and paid tribute to his legacy.

“John’s had a career spanning five decades – his record speaks for itself,” Parker said.

Kerr will retire to the Gold Coast.

His replacement will be John Cadogan, the station’s motoring correspondent and fill in host on the same shift.


  1. Puzzled
    25 Jan 13
    2:09 pm

  2. His record speaks for itself. And here I was thinking he was live in the studio and all this time it has been a record.

  3. Hoin
    25 Jan 13
    2:52 pm

  4. This is a true tragedy. One of the greats of radio. Gentlemany, fair-minded, authoritative. Not a shock jock, one of the genuine, old-style announcers. I’ll miss his country music spots and winning his CD giveaways. Radio won’t be the same without him.

  5. martin
    25 Jan 13
    3:07 pm

  6. John Kerr was one of the few gentlemen on Sydney talkback radio. An utterly decent bloke . . .

  7. Dan
    25 Jan 13
    3:58 pm

  8. Have to agree that Jack is one of nature’s gentlemen. A genuine nice person and true professional. His talents will be missed (athough any Gold Coast community stations might want to make him an offer).

  9. Radio fanatic
    26 Jan 13
    10:58 pm

  10. At least there’s the new 2ue breakfast show to look forward to.
    It’s really funny, if your idea of fun is watching a car crash slowly

  11. Tina
    27 Jan 13
    2:39 am

  12. To John from Tina on Mars. Where ever you are with your vife, you will be OK.
    So, don’t forget to learn Piano, computer Tenis, tell Jokes, write short storys,
    don’t do comercials, and when you and your vife come to Canberra, call us,
    we’ll come to pick you up.
    Have a happy time.
    Its just a new begining. Retirement do not exist.
    All the best.
    Tina and David

  13. Helga Augner
    16 Feb 13
    7:48 pm

  14. I’ve listened to John Kerr for many years and attended quite a few of his functions. It was always great to talk to him because he was always polite and up-to-date, funny and such a likeable fellow! I thought nobody could fill his shoes. That was until John Cadogan appeared on the scene. He is the “new” John but just as interesting, clever and nice as the “old” John.
    I always look forward to the w/e nights. However……… those dudes from Melbourne who do the other nights, please sack them!
    Helga Augner