2UE’s Paul Murray: Sacking Jason Morrison is a loss for the station


Paul Murray



2ue logo2UE’s morning presenter Paul Murray has gone on air to criticise the firing of drivetime presenter Jason Morrison. In comments on his show this morning, Murray criticised the move before concluding “We’re buddies forever – bugger radio”.


Murray’s comments came in the same week that Fairfax Radio Network’s 2UE sunk to the lowest rating commercial station in Sydney and hours after the station finally publicly confirmed that it was letting Morrison go.

In an email to staff last night, 2UE’s general manager Chris Parker said:

“Good Evening,

“After three years at 2UE 954, Jason Morrison is moving on.

“During his second professional stint at 2UE, Jason has provided listeners with a no nonsense, hard hitting mix of breaking news, information and entertainment.

“He is a professional, credible and reliable broadcaster and is to be commended for his dedication and for speaking out on issues that matter.

“We expect Thursday November 21st to be his final program and wish Jason and his family all the very best.

“2UE 954 aims to be Sydney’s leading source of news, information and entertainment and we’ll be in a position to make some very positive announcements on this front soon.”

This morning Murray –  reported to be leaving the station on his own volition in order to focus on his commitments to Sky News – criticised the decision. He told listeners:

“I know he’s quite hurt and upset by what has been going on. The situation and the tensions has led to a bit of a lessening of his love of radio and that in and of itself has made me pretty angry and very upset.

“Jason is one of the most talented people I’ve ever known.

“He is a good and decent human being, and as a broadcaster a very talented man and he will be a loss to the radio station, quite a significant one. We’re buddies forever – bugger radio.”

This week Sky News announced that Murray would be joining the network “full time”.



  1. Anthony
    7 Nov 13
    12:28 pm

  2. But if he doesn’t rate…

  3. zumabeach
    7 Nov 13
    2:15 pm

  4. Hundreds of good people have been shown the door in the media over the past five years – and no one bothered to speak up for them. Morrison is just another arch conservative who hides his on-going bias behind a chubby, ain’t I a fun guy personae. Those who listen to 2UE – not that there’s many of them – didn’t buy it. But at least they’re more discerning than the walking dead locked on to 2GB where, like Jones, Hadley, Smith and Price, it’s mandatory to worship at the feet of Tony Abbott. It’s where Morrison came from, after he got too big for his boots, and it’s probably where he’ll wash up. Midnight to dawn talkback when the walking dead really prowl the airwaves – now that would be a chastening experience.

  5. kel
    7 Nov 13
    2:27 pm

  6. Its a shame to hear, Jason was one of the nice guys in radio, in my experience there isn’t many of them…

  7. fleshpeddler
    7 Nov 13
    2:27 pm

  8. all rather vitriolic zuma…let’s hope people aren’t quite as angry towards you if you ever lose your job

    the broader point is that with Morrrison and presumably Murray leaving and ratings at such a low, Fairfax’ lurch to the right over the past few years can’t be seen as anything other than a failure

    they’ve chased 2GB but just been shown up in the process. will this signal a move back towards their previous heartland?

    (does anybody have Mike Carlton’s number?)

  9. Mardijay
    7 Nov 13
    2:31 pm

  10. Why is talkback radio so blokey?

  11. Clayton
    7 Nov 13
    2:51 pm

  12. I do love how twisted leftoids rejoice when people they disagree with lose their jobs. It’s a disorder.

  13. zumabeach
    7 Nov 13
    3:14 pm

  14. @fleshpeddler … I’ve already lost my job, but I was over it anyway. I’m an old guy now and I was fortunate to have a good go for a long time. But it pisses me off when some “star” – who isn’t exactly starring – is shown the door and there is all this shock horror about poor old them when hundreds of good people – and I mean hundreds in print, TV and radio – have been tossed out the door with barely a thought and next to nothing. I wouldn’t worry too much about poor old Jason – he’ll wash up somewhere. Sydney radio is a fairly shallow talent pool – and, anyway, there’s no doubting he can talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles just like the best, or worst, of them.

  15. zumabeach
    7 Nov 13
    4:40 pm

  16. @Clayton … I’m not rejoicing about Morrison getting the flick at all. As I said, I’m not happy that hundreds of others in the media – just as worthy and, in many cases, unlike Jas, succeeding in what they were doing – have been tossed aside with barely a thought. I’m just as dispirited with smug lefties on Radio National who can’t hide their bias as I am with right wing ideologues like Morrison and those on 2GB. But at least the likes of RN’s Philip Adams and Jonathan Green do it with a bit of panache which is more than can be said of Jones, Hadley and their copycat understudies. Interestingly, Clive Robertson is back on 2UE at nights – now there’s one strange dude, but at least he’s interesting in a wacky sort of way. Certainly beats Steve Price and Andrew Dolt singing endlessly from the Tony Abbott hymn sheet down the dial at 2GB.

  17. Yes
    7 Nov 13
    5:41 pm

  18. what zuma said

  19. RDR31D
    7 Nov 13
    5:57 pm

  20. I am an 2GB listener until Ben Fordham comes on, when I am in my car. I always switch to Jason Morrison. He is far better than Fordham. Your loss 2UE. Many more Morrison listeners will oho back to 2GB

  21. Ada Liebhardt
    7 Nov 13
    9:13 pm

  22. Why are people so nasty towards 2GB. Surely they must be doing
    something right as the ratings are tops. Is it jealousy of the left thinking

  23. Jack
    7 Nov 13
    10:44 pm

  24. For goodness sake Mumbrella: “sank” is the past tense of “sink” …”2UE sank to the lowest” …not “sunk.” A ship sinks, it sank, it was sunk. Stop mangling the english language.

    Murray’s comments came in the same week that Fairfax Radio Network’s 2UE sunk to the lowest rating commercial station in Sydney and hours after the station finally publicly confirmed that it was letting Morrison go.

  25. Garry Wilson
    7 Nov 13
    11:11 pm

  26. Seeing Clive’s result in this weeks survey they might even put him on breakfast. That could knock ABC702 around a bit? Don’t even think about that loser Mike Carleton.

  27. alwaysacowboy
    8 Nov 13
    1:10 am

  28. So zumabeach is critical of every radio personality. ROFL the socialist way, never happy unless the country is going down the tube as long as everyone can get some sort of welfare payment. Retards!

  29. Richard Moss
    8 Nov 13
    8:18 am

  30. Like money, radio announcers come and go. Politics transpires from group to group and from dept to dept in radio stations, as it does in many other organisations.

    Radio and television stations tend to care less and less about content or comments or who is up who, or who goes down, just as long as the ratings are up. To expect integrity or employee loyalty is simply to expect too much.

    Dog eat dog can be identified almost anywhere, radio stations are no exception, where there are also termites eating the walls around you and the floor from under your feet.

  31. Generalzod
    8 Nov 13
    9:29 am

  32. Can you blame 2ue for sacking Morrison he has rated poorly, The NEW 2ue experiment has failed miserably..

  33. cr
    8 Nov 13
    10:15 am

  34. Does Radio ever have any good news?

  35. Bob Fyfe
    8 Nov 13
    11:28 am

  36. I Have two things to say, first “Zumabeach” should, for the safety of the, community, get back on his/hers medication.

    Secondly Jason, who was climbing the ladder at 2GB should have had more sence than to go to a loser station like 2UE, even if they offered him a Kings ransom. A station that got rid of Alan Jones on the assumption that an old and past his best John Laws was more likely to keep up the stations ratings has no sence at all. Lets also remember that they paid money to that famous oxygen thief Mike Carlton.

    Jason if you get a second chance, stick with the real deal not with now perpetual bottom dwellers.

  37. zumabeach
    8 Nov 13
    1:35 pm

  38. Run for the hills! Shlock jock Michael Smith’s Zombie Army has woken from its slumber and is back on the war path hunting down nasty loony lefties. Anyone who would like to hear both sides of a political or social argument considered on talkback radio should take cover now. And Richard Moss is right – what passes for talkback radio today, like 90 per cent of newspaper columns and commercial TV commentary, is all about getting a reaction, any reaction, no matter how biased from the left or right. The more hysterical the reaction, the more the management like it. And then there’s FM boofhead breakfast radio – but that’s another story. All kinda sad.

  39. NeweyBoy
    10 Nov 13
    7:29 am

  40. Well my thoughts are that 2UE needs a real culling out. Their ratings are shot and quite honestly most of their presenters are very ordinary. The weekend lineup is great though. Keep all those people including Tim Webster. Great easy listening.

  41. Jenny Kempe
    11 Nov 13
    4:42 pm

  42. I too am a 2GB listener, until Ben Fordham comes on….then I change over to listen to Jason……Jason is a gentleman on air and I am very disappointed that he will not be on air.,

    I also was, a very keen fan of David Oldfield, once he was gone, there was only Jason!

    2GB here I come, I will find something else on radio between 3 and 6 weekdays though!

  43. angela
    11 Nov 13
    8:42 pm

  44. Jason is a top broadcaster, I have followed him for years. Intelligent, honest and tells it like it is. Radio won’t be the same without him. Wherever he goes I will tune it along with all his other fans. Saw him give a speech at St Leos college (his old school) he was brilliant, charmed parents and students alike with a commonsense, insightful and thought provoking speech.

  45. shirley
    15 Nov 13
    1:59 pm

  46. The two people I love listening to are Jason and Paul will be changing my station now

  47. Josie
    18 Nov 13
    3:26 pm

  48. Jason Morrison is one of 2UE’s biggest assets, his show is down to earth & entertaining, it looks like 2GB is going to gain a larger audience. Woe is me.

  49. Graeme
    19 Nov 13
    8:12 am

  50. Jason Morrison is the only reason I listen to 2UE, 2SM in the morning John Laws is on from 9-12 and I have just found Grant Goldman in the morning show he comes on before John Laws, Maybe 2UE have done me a favour by sacking Jason made me look at other stations to listen to. Good luck in the future Jason best wishes to you and your family your one of the good guys and will be missed .

  51. zuma fan
    19 Nov 13
    9:46 am

  52. I’m with zuma. i want a balanced and grown up conversation on issues that matter in our country. i dont get that with any of the 2GB/2UE/talkback announcers – all are biased left or right. morrison is another in a long list of biased commentators.

    is there no place left where people who want to think, engage and discuss ideas on how we progress our great country can do so? newspapers gave up on quality journalism years ago, its now all sensationalism in a 24 hour news cycle. maybe the AFR is hanging on to the last bastions of quality journalism but that too is a little skewed towards the business elite. even sky talkback is dominated by right-leaning or far-right (Paul Murray, Chris Kenny, etc). Richo the token leftie so they can argue they are “balanced”

  53. Generalzod
    19 Nov 13
    11:18 am

  54. Jason constantly bags his employer (FAIRFAX) and he wonders why he is no longer wanted…

  55. Jules
    20 Nov 13
    3:34 pm

  56. Just heard the news! So angry with 2UE. First Michael Smith then Mike Oldfield and now Jason Morrison. I only liked to listen to 2UE because of those blokes, now they’re going, so am I. Sorry 2UE no more chances, you’ve lost me :(

  57. Carol said
    20 Nov 13
    3:42 pm

  58. Jason…Liberal’s best friend. Paul Murray another of Liberal’s best mate. Just hoping you get rid of the Melbourne’s midnight duo please….

  59. Generalzod
    20 Nov 13
    4:29 pm

  60. Stephanie called wishing him well, She was going on about that your losing your job close to XMAS and that he had probably a mortgage to pay off, As if he his the only person to lose his /her job.

  61. Need
    20 Nov 13
    4:53 pm

  62. Zumba and fan
    Why do you listen, obviously you are not stuck on the ABC and really enjoy listening to the conservative point of view, so all I can say is switch off you sad person

  63. Leanne
    20 Nov 13
    6:21 pm

  64. Jason Morrison, along with Paul Murray are commentators and were employed by 2UE to give their opinions and comment on the issues of the day. That was their role and they did it with integrity, honesty and passion…qualities 2UE know very little about. They got rid of Michael Smith the same way and they wonder why their ratings are pathetic. Watch them get even worse results now.

  65. PETER
    20 Nov 13
    6:31 pm

  66. They should get rid of Stuart Bocking and Dicko they are the lame ducks.George and Paul are great

  67. Anonymous
    21 Nov 13
    1:33 am

  68. The problem is that those who make decisions aren’t those who really make the decisions. The decision makers are those who want to be what they are not who they aren’t in the real world of ratings and matings.

  69. Lois
    22 Nov 13
    11:17 am

  70. What is wrong with you 2UE First it eas Steve Price then Michael Smith and now Jason. My dial used to be stuck on 2UE all day. The only time 2UE is on now is for Clive and on the weekends for George & Paul and Tim.
    For God’s sake 2UE, in the words of Adam Hills DON’T BE A DICK

  71. Anonymous
    22 Nov 13
    5:10 pm

  72. 2UE has had it. Can’t listen to idiots… the best is on the week-ends. Just found out radios have an on/off button!!!!! The listeners also don’t wont to listen to all the garbage from Melbourne. Sorry you have fired both Paul and Jason they were real people.

  73. Vee
    23 Nov 13
    1:27 pm

  74. I will miss Jason a lot. I didn’t agree wth 100 percent of his views.he i a little more restricted in his outlook. But I loved his attitude and the way he treated hs listeners

    as for 2gb.. I gave up on them when they cut Dr rob and Dr k nd the vet show off. I listened to em for years……..

    I turn the dial to them ever now and then

  75. Kaiviti
    23 Nov 13
    2:27 pm

  76. Jason was a shock jock. Many times I tried to speak with him but because my view differed fom his he would not take the call. Adam Spencer is a true radio broadcaster, his knowledge is far greater than all the rabble rousers.

  77. David
    24 Nov 13
    3:29 pm

  78. Kaiviti…The golden rule in talkback radio is if you disagree with the presenter, endorse their opinion when you speak to the producer (or whoever answers the phone) then switch to your real opinion when you are put to air. Ambush them… it works every time!

  79. Ian
    27 Nov 13
    3:20 pm

  80. I’m a 2BG listener who changed to 2UE when Jason was given the drive shift. Now I suppose I’ll have to return to 2GB for that time. Broadcasters like Jones, Hadley, Morrison & co massively offset the left wing rabble that comprises the ABC, Fairfax and many of the journalists elsewhere in the media, with few exceptions.

  81. Cheryl
    27 Nov 13
    6:02 pm

  82. What a shame Jason & Paul have gone. Only listened to them and George & Paul on the weekends. 2UE let all the good ones go, i.e. David Oldfield, Michael Smith and now Jason and Paul. Will now leave my dial on 2GB except for George and Paul on the weekends.

  83. mike
    1 Dec 13
    5:58 pm

  84. 1Ue has lost the plot,i assume when they lose ratings, they will ask WHY?

  85. Irene
    2 Dec 13
    11:26 am

  86. Your loss 2UE. I listened only to Jason (I love his passion and honesty on many subjects) and Paul and also listen to George & Paul on weekends.
    2GB – I’m back!

  87. Generalzod
    2 Dec 13
    11:29 am

  88. Paul Murray has also announced that he’ll be leaving 2ue, so much for the new 2ue.