Rhonda and Katut K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

AAMI’s Rhonda has returned to Australia from her holiday in Bali with daydreams of romance with her waiter Katut on her mind.

rhonda katut

The latest episode of Rhonda’s adventure, created by Ogilvy Melbourne, was broadcast during the AFL grand final. It features Rhonda – played by Mandy McElhinney – telling her friend about her holiday adventures before they have a prang with a truck carrying melons.

Rhonda’s trip to Bali – apparently paid for by the discount she received for being a good driver – has captured the public’s imagination with the ad triggering pastiches and a Facebook tribute page The Sexual Tension Beween Katut and Rhonda gaining more than 100,000 likes. The campaign was also shortlisted for TV Ad of the Year in the Mumbrella Awards.

Rhonda became the face of AAMI in October last year.


  • Agency: Ogilvy Melbourne
  • Creative Group Head: Nicholas Desira
  • Copywriter: Lenna Boland
  • Art Director: Nicholas Desira
  • Agency Producer: Lauren Free
  • Production Company:Guilty
  • Director: Tony Rogers
  • Producer: Jason Byrne


  1. Pascoe
    29 Sep 12
    5:14 pm

  2. As tacky and over-wrought as it all is, punters seem to love it, and Ogilvy’s exploitation of it all will start popping up as an example of ‘real-time planning’ in presentations and award shows

  3. No
    30 Sep 12
    1:12 am

  4. Oh please no.. this is not award winning

  5. Buga
    1 Oct 12
    9:50 am

  6. eyes off the cannes prize rhondaaaaaaaa

  7. Sure, it's not award-winning
    1 Oct 12
    9:58 am

  8. But it’s very popular. There’s a lot to learn from that.

  9. what?
    1 Oct 12
    2:14 pm

  10. I don’t really get the appeal here – personally I find this ad rather annoying, but people I was with on Saturday were laughing out aloud to it…which I found confusing. Its really not funny.

  11. Swifty
    1 Oct 12
    3:08 pm

  12. It’s an Ad. Ads are fun.

  13. Dabug
    1 Oct 12
    4:39 pm

  14. I just love the name – Katut. Even a friend told me that it was a common name for the forth child. Shows that people have been talking about it. Personally, I would have named my forth child Empat

  15. Anonymous
    2 Oct 12
    11:41 am

  16. Am I losing the plot or is Rhonda suddenly much thinner and sporting brown hair on her holiday?

  17. AliceD
    2 Oct 12
    12:00 pm

  18. I love it!

  19. Anonymous
    2 Oct 12
    12:05 pm

  20. I just love it…ticks all the boxes for me:)

  21. BJD
    2 Oct 12
    12:06 pm

  22. Really? Australian’s are in love with Rhonda? I just thought the ads were annoying embarrassing.

  23. Offal Spokesperson
    2 Oct 12
    12:51 pm

  24. Interesting isnt it… the “industry” dislikes it… and yet the public love and relate to it.

    The industry yet again miscalculates its (the industrys) value and importance to the rest of society.

  25. Parkdale Princess
    2 Oct 12
    1:15 pm

  26. More and more balinese tents, cocktails and palm trees appearing on Mordialloc Beach as the weather warms.

  27. Swifty
    2 Oct 12
    1:42 pm

  28. A good point well made Offal Spokesperson

  29. I am the general public
    2 Oct 12
    2:43 pm

  30. it’s a bit of fun story-telling. you industry lot take yourselves way too seriously. forget about awards, listen to the general public and you might just have a runaway hit on your hands. oh, and your client will be happy too

  31. Andrew
    2 Oct 12
    8:02 pm

  32. Brilliant follow up to the Rhonda/Katut story

  33. Anonymous
    3 Oct 12
    8:59 pm

  34. This is the new age “not happy Jan”

  35. Bob
    4 Oct 12
    7:40 pm

  36. Double standard here – if Rhonda was a man with a little 3rd world servant/sex object, the grrrrllllls and MTR would be posting millions of comments here about sex tourism, sexism, power imbalance between rich men and poor 3rd world woman and how hot balinese woman are not there to be fantasised over by disgusting men, but apparently it’s OK when its the man who is the sex object.

    I am waiting for the feminists to show their true belief in equality by complaining and bitching about this ad…


  37. Ad
    5 Oct 12
    12:48 pm

  38. Bob, grow up.

  39. Bob
    5 Oct 12
    7:28 pm

  40. @ ad – nothing to grow up about – address the issues pls

  41. Jim
    6 Oct 12
    10:28 pm

  42. Personally I think it is one of the best ads on TV at the moment.
    There are just so many crappy ads at the moment and this one is just so fun loving, roll on the next round, maybe they will become an item !!

  43. the anti-bob
    12 Oct 12
    6:39 pm

  44. What you’re ignoring here Bob is that Rhonda, and the object of her affections, are both underdogs in their own world.

    Insecure, awkward Rhonda moons over Katut the fourth born son. And he moons over her in return. The share of sexualising is equal.

    Plus, they’re stereotypes Bob.

    Get a life.