PR agency Men At Work launches youth strategy arm

Public relations agency Men At Work has launched a new youth strategy arm of its business, targeted at 18 to 34 year olds.

Former account manager Nick Donovan will step into a new role as youth strategy director as the agency seeks to fill what it calls a ‘market gap’ in targeting Millennial consumers.

The youth strategy business will develop research and build client relationships with youth-facing brands and brands which are looking to enter into the youth market.

Donovan starts his new role effective immediately

Adam Mumford, Men At Work communications director, said in a statement: “There is a major gap in the market when it comes to millennials, because no one really understands how to reach them.

“They simply don’t consume media in ways that traditional marketers understand – they aren’t watching linear TV, they aren’t consuming traditional advertising.

“We don’t think there are many businesses out there that are really connecting with this market.

“We see a huge gap, and that means there is a huge opportunity. We’ve developed the Youth Strategy division and put Nick in charge to really drive our connection with this elusive market,” he said.

Donovan said because Millennials are the “most informed youths in history” brands need to know where to find them and most importantly how to communicate with them.

“It is so obvious when brands are trying to communicate with younger audiences and failing. You can tell that some old white guy in an ivory tower somewhere has said something like: ‘Let’s reach the kids of today with some hip messaging. Let’s put a rapper in a TV ad. Is Vanilla Ice still popular?’ Messaging so often comes across as condescending and hackneyed,” Donovan said.



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