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The world’s first Pokemon intern?

Dr Mumbo has seen ad agencies use interns for a variety purposes but he has to give creative agency The Royals full points for jumping on the Pokemon Go mania. 

PokemonThe agency has posted – what is presumably – a tongue-in-cheek job ad for an intern to be the its “Pokemon Go hunter”.

The job ad written by Royals strategy partner Dave King notes how sometimes he’s even too busy to play table tennis or darts, and needs the intern to “take out my second phone each day and find me some Pokemon.”

King notes that his motivation for this is purely selfish and the gig comes with health benefits (i.e. walking): “I don’t want to get left behind.  And I really want an Oddish. You’ll get an incredible amount of exercise (cheaper than a gym membership!), see the sights (it’s like a free city tour) and we can talk about Pokemon before and after each of your hunts. That’s probably the bit I’m looking forward to the most.”

Sadly there is no mention of whether the role would be full time or part time, nor does Dave mention which Pokemon team he is on (a potential deal breaker Dr Mumbo feels).

Pokemon diehards, who aren’t already engaged in looking for their own Pokemon can apply at: dave@theroyals.com.au

If nothing else Dr Mumbo looks forward in 10 year’s time to asking someone how they got started in the advertising industry, for them to reply it was as Dave King’s Pokemon proxy.

Full job ad below:

Royals pokemon job ad



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