Dr Mumbo

Reengineering words into PR speak

Today’s award for best press release headline and intro goes to Edelman for this gem:

Social Purpose Gets Personal As People Discover the “Me” in “We”

Global Study Reveals Personal Need Trumps Common Good for Aussies

Consumer Participation in Societal Issues Soars Globally, However

Australians Less Likely To Take Action to Support Good Causes

June 28, 2012, SYDNEY – Five years of data from Edelman’s global goodpurpose® study reveals Purpose is a driving force behind the reengineering of Brand Marketing around the world. As brands, corporations and markets re-orient around Purpose, consumers are developing and demonstrating personal values amidst today’s persistent economic challenges and cultural upheaval. More and more consumers are discovering the me (personal need) in we (the common good).

Got that? Good.

Should you feel intrigued nonetheless, you can read the actually relatively interesting study here.



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