Why specialisation is only the first step toward survival

Jocelyn Hunter - Bench PRIn this guest post Jocelyn Hunter looks at the challenges facing the PR industry and looks at what it will take to survive the next five years and beyond.

With CommsCon over for another year I read what Chris Savage said with interest. It seems his comment that ‘half of Australia’s independent PR agencies will go under in the next five years’ has caused quite a stir. Read more »

Col Allan and me – When the boy from Dubbo first hit the Big Apple

Long before he ruled NY, Col Allan stood atop the city on a visit with Mumbrella's Simon Canning and his mum Heather News Corp’s longest serving – and possibly most controversial – editor, Col Allan has announced his retirement from the New York Post.

The former editor of Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph will step down after more than four decades with the organisation.

Mumbrella’s Simon Canning witnessed Allan’s introduction to the Big Apple firsthand…
Read more »

How to make a McWhopper and put your competition on notice

At the recent CommsCon conference Josh Moore and Jono Key from Y&R New Zealand presented on the acclaimed McWhopper campaign for Burger King. This week the unlikely recipe was hailed at The Andys in New York, named Best in Show – a first for New Zealand. Alex Hayes reheats the take-outs from the session.CommsCon - McWhopper - newspaper ad

What is a McWhopper – half McDonald’s Big Mac and half Burger King’s Whopper – actually worth?

About $182m in earned media and 8.9 billion media impressions, apparently. Read more »

IPG Mediabrands out of SMI: why did they quit and what could it mean for the industry?

Nic-Christensen-234x151-234x151-234x151Earlier this week, one of the biggest media holding groups in Australia IPG Mediabrands quit key industry metric Standard Media Index. Nic Christensen looks at what could be behind the move and what it means for the index, agencies, media owners, clients and the industry alike.

It’s probably fair to say that Monday afternoon’s announcement that IPG Mediabrands was quitting the Standard Media Index (SMI), globally, took many in the industry by surprise.

In fact, you could probably go one step further and say, four days later, the decision still perplexes many industry figures.  Read more »

Listen to your customers (because if you don’t, someone else will)

Chris Breslin_ConfirmitIn this guest post, customer experience manager Chris Breslin explains why the customer experience is now the front-line  in the battle for business growth and success.

Before it was just business, now it is getting personal.

As Australian businesses, retailers in particular, face unprecedented disruption from the continuing invasion of multinational competitors, the battle is on to keep their customers’ cash and loyalty.

Not only are these global brands causing downward pressure on prices due to their extended buying power, they are also bringing with them cutting-edge customer experience technology to ensure they get it right in a new country. Read more »

Telstra and marriage equality: when the bandwagon loses a wheel

Dan IlicTelstra is today facing a backlash over its decision to step back from the debate over gay marriage. Dan Ilic argues that the telco has taken a major risk with its reputation by suddenly jumping off the bandwagon. 

Remember when it was cool for companies to have a social conscience? Save the environment, reduce carbon, fair trade this and organic that?

And, of course, marriage equality; everyone loves equal rights? right? Well, almost everyone…  Read more »

Heed the media lessons from the Port Arthur massacre

Sonya Voumard - deloitteIn this guest post, Sonya Voumard says when it comes to reporting on the anniversary of tragedies such as the Port Arthur massacre the media needs to move from regurgitating the horrors and focus on grief’s third act: the rebuilding.

April 28, 2016, will mark the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre in which 35 people were killed and 21 injured by Martin Bryant in what was then the world’s worst civilian massacre. It is a date many will dread.

In Tasmania, today, there are conflicting views about whether or not the anniversary of the massacre should be publicly commemorated at all. Read more »

What’s with all the chatter about Facebook chatbots?

George PappasOvernight, Facebook announced the launch of bots for Messenger – a service that may just redefine how brands communicate. George Pappas talks us through the opportunities. 

Ah, chatbots. We meet again. Chatbots, short for chatter robots or chatter bots, have been discussed, trialled and launched on various online platforms since the internet’s inception. Read more »

Why I finally embraced Snapchat

David KoIn this guest post, David Ko explains why, after initially deleting youthful messaging app SnapChat, he gave it another go.

I had a Snapchat account (@Davko1) when it was first in the news, but like most people, I downloaded the app, took one look at the interface (“yuck clunky and counterintuitive!”), and deleted it immediately because I didn’t understand it.

Recently I’ve come back to Snapchat, and in spite of myself, become a devotee. It started with reading a news article about DJ Khaled, the ‘King of Snapchat’, who has accumulated more than 6 million fans within the span of five months (as of Feb 2016). Read more »

The Notes You Don’t Play

AGiorgione_headshotIn this guest column Antony Giorgione looks at how good copywriting can unravel the issues behind even the most complex and delicate situations – such as ethnic diversity imbalances – to reveal solutions.

The recent release of the 2016 WARC 100 presented some fantastic case studies in effectiveness, and it brought to mind another ingenious and effective piece of creative from last year – perhaps not eligible for WARC but for me just as inspiring by the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) at the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, in the UK.

Read more »

The art of taking it in-house: Ed Smith on Foxtel’s digital/programmatic journey

Ed SmithTaking digital/programmatic in-house can be a tricky area for many marketers. Foxtel’s Ed Smith talks with Nic Christensen about his programmatic journey and his surprise at finding he didn’t own his own data when he moved media agencies. 

Programmatic is an area that perplexes many Australian marketers but for outgoing Foxtel CMO Ed Smith he has a simple view on why he took his digital buying in-house.

“Clearly, as a client we are not going to invest in printing presses and TV stations but the digital world is very, very different,” Smith explains.  Read more »

Influencers and bloggers don’t need a code of ethics if they conduct themselves professionally

In this guest column, blogger Nikki Parkinson, argues against creating a code of ethics for influencers and bloggers.

Disclosure #1: I’m a full-time professional blogger – or online influencer – to use the cool kids’ terminology for what I do for a living.

Disclosure #2: I’m also a journalist who spent 20 years working in regional newspapers before leaving the profession eight years ago and accidentally becoming one of Australia’s pioneer professional bloggers.

Disclosure #3: I’ve won a Telstra Business Award, so yes this online influencer business can be profitable one.

With those disclosures out the way, I’d like to talk about the ethics of what I do and whether I, and other online influencers, should be governed by a code ethics. Read more »

11 important lessons we can learn from entrepreneurs

nicola swankie headshotIn this guest column Nicola Swankie discusses key behaviours of successful entrepreneurs and how applying them to your life can help you create success professionally and personally.

Have you, like me, been increasingly curious (and maybe even a little bit jealous) about the rising wave of the entrepreneur?

Start-ups with seemingly endless innovation and ideas for disruption? What is it that is motivating them? Are these the cultures where real breakthrough thinking is happening now?

I’ve been working in marketing and advertising for well over a decade now, and I have always been passionate about what we do, thriving in the innovative and creative nature of our colourful industry. However, last year I did wonder if it might be time to jump over into start-up? Read more »

Nick Chan has landed his dream job – but it’s not the same company anymore

miranda ward landscapeWith Nick Chan returning to Bauer Media as CEO, Mumbrella’s Miranda Ward examines what his appointment means for Australia’s number one magazine publisher. 

Last week saw the news everyone knew was coming – Nick Chan was finally handed the job he’d long coveted.

Andreas Schoo, Bauer Media’s interim CEO, named Chan as David Goodchild’s official replacement.

For the industry it came as no surprise – Chan was one of a number of mooted candidates for the high-profile magazine publishing role.

And for Chan, it’s the job that nearly got away. Read more »

Remember less, search more

Brad_headshot - The hallwayIn this guest column, Brad Bennett reveals that as technology evolves we are remembering less and searching more, creating a powerful opportunity for brands.

Your favourite trend-spotter probably recently returned from SXSW. She rightfully calls this the year of…. ‘VR’ or ‘social messaging’ or ‘the IoT’ (again) or ‘location-based apps’.

All of these technologies present amazing creative opportunities for brands. But harnessing new technologies – or for that matter anything ‘digital’ – is not just about learning new production techniques. Read more »

The Art of Automation

In this guest post, Antony Giorgione, talks about the divide between automation and human-generated creative content and how the less creative should start worrying about being replaced.

Which image is the fake Rembrandt? On the left is a detail from ‘An Elderly Man in a Cap’. Though it bears Rembrandt’s signature and was painted during the 17th Century it has been reappraised by critics as the work of one of his contemporaries, deliberately rendered in the master’s style.

On the right is a detail from ‘The Next Rembrandt’ – a computer-generated image derived from the analysis of over 168,000 fragments of Rembrandt’s actual work. Its creation is described: Read more »

The Most Expensive Google AdWords in Australia by Industry

Anna Lebedeva SEMRushIn this guest post, Anna Lebedeva of SEMrush shares advertising insight into the most expensive key words by industry.

Everybody knows that Google has many sources of revenue, but it’s largest one, its cash cow, is advertising, which accounted for 90 percent of its revenue in 2015. And Google’s growth for last year was about 15 percent, which amounts to billions of dollars.

The overall trend is that digital advertising itself is becoming more popular as more companies are choosing online advertising over more traditional options. According to a recent eMarketer projection, digital advertising spending will even surpass TV in 2017.

Read more »

What’s the story behind those spikes in social media engagement?

In this guest post, business analyst Surbhi Kumar examines what drives spikes in social media engagement, how to read the analytics and how to determine if your content, comments or other factors were the trigger.

When you Google ‘Social media listening’, it suggests:

Social media listening, also known as social media monitoring, is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the Internet.”

Do companies really assess the way social media gives the real picture? Most of us build weekly and monthly reports generating numbers such as the number of likes, comments, shares, mentions and total positive and/or negative sentiment. Read more »

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