The MSiX Awards: Why agencies and academics need to work together to embrace science and creativity

PONTES_Nicolas-mumbrellaNicolas Pontes, lecturer in advertising at QUT Business School, explains why it’s high time for the MSiX marketing science awards.

It is time for agencies to embrace science and for universities to embrace real world applications. Granted, some already do. But not only that, it is time to encourage conversations between agencies and academics so that great work that bridges the gap between science and practice is not only recognised, but used to advance our field. Read more »

Career coach: What are the career options for older creatives?

The need for continuous new ideas and boundless energy means advertising is often seen by many as a young person’s game. This week a senior creative asks what does their future hold if they don’t make the top ranks in agencyland? Read more »

Shop assistant to media mogul: how Damian Eales rose to the top at News Corp

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.36.05 amAfter forging his name as a marketer Damian Eales is now one of the most powerful media executives in Australia. He sat down with Nic Christensen to talk about his new role, how Ted Horton influenced him and the challenges and opportunities facing News Corp.

“I have to tell you reading The Sun headlines during meetings is a very entertaining way to pass the time,” quips Damian Eales, as he looks down at the Apple Watch on his wrist. Read more »

We need to talk about 360 video

Kate RichardsonVirtual reality is becoming a reality for consumers, but brands shouldn’t rush into it too soon argues Kate Richardson.

For years, virtual reality has been the domain of the gamers and the geeks. Something we associate with Spocky looking headsets, darkened living rooms littered with cans of V, and far away tech trade shows. Read more »

Credit Where it’s Due: Peter Vogel

creditLogoFNl-234x1021When he took on running MEC Australia Peter Vogel took on a media agency that was in a tough spot and transformed it into one of the most formidable in the market. As he moves on to take head up MEC across APAC we give Credit Where it’s Due to his efforts.      

In the dog eat dog world of media agencies it’s hard to find anyone who will say a bad word about Peter Vogel. Read more »

The Daily Tele is in the clear over its Sydney siege special edition. But was it in the right?

Sydney siegeThe Daily Telegraph is in the clear with the Australian Press Council over its coverage of the Sydney siege. In the months since, two questions on the issue have divided the Mumbrella editorial team: Should The Tele even have done a special edition? And was its coverage right? 

Below, Mumbrella editor Alex Hayes argues “No” on both counts; and Mumbrella content editor Tim Burrowes takes the opposite view. Read more »

Career Coach: I’m being asked to create a scam award entry – what should I do?

awards, winnersIn a regular new column career coach Kate Savage gives advice to people in a pickle. This week looks at what to do if you’re being pressured to enter scam work in awards.

Dear Kate. I’m a suit at [An.Other agency] and during awards season I’m always pulled in to coordinate entries into the different awards – I guess I’m good at getting shit done! Don’t get me wrong, I love winning awards as much as the next creative (well, maybe not that much), but my values have been challenged recently when I’ve been asked to be…um…creative with the entries. When I raised my concerns I was told to ‘just concentrate on winning the award’. What should I do if this happens again?

– Confused @ Cannes

Read more »

Paid, owned and earned: whose role is it anyway?

tom robinson

In this opinion piece Tom Robinson argues many agencies are too fixated with titles and territory to adapt to modern ways of working.

For some time I’ve been trying to shed the moniker of ‘Specialist’ within MediaCom.

Within many media agencies Specialists are often referred to as people who don’t buy media. I would have agreed with this rationale four or five years ago but it’s become quite a dated concept within the modern day agency. Read more »

Droga5: Has the reality finally caught up with the hype?

tim burrowes landscapeWith the departure of Droga5’s key creative after just a year, Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes asks whether reality has caught up with one of Australia’s most talked about agencies. 

I’ll say this for Droga5.

Over the last seven years, no agency has built such a big reputation on so little sustained success.    Read more »

Ratings game: Guess how the State of Origin decider will rate and win a Sports Summit pass

state of originEvery morning the news team at Mumbrella plays the ratings game – where we guess how many viewers a show has had.

With tonight’s State of Origin decider predicted to be one of the highest rating TV events of the year we thought we’d open it up to our readers to have a guess at how it will rate, with the closest guess winning a pass to Mumbrella’s Sports Marketing Summit on September 9. Read more »

The Cannes Lions: What do you actually have to do to get disqualified?

Another dubious Cannes Lions entry has emerged. Perhaps the problem lies not so much with agency behaviour but with how the organisers enforce the rules, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes.     

So stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

terry richard mark scam lionsIt’s a year ago today since we called out a couple of suspicious campaigns that had been recognised in the 2014 Cannes Lions.

And guess what? We’re back again.

The process has been much the same: The announcement of shortlists. Curiosity about an unfamiliar piece of work. Rival agencies discreetly raising questions. Bullshit PR statements from the entrant. A complacent response from the awards organiser.    Read more »

Viral video chart: Australia and NZ’s top 10 most shared ads of all time

Video ad tech company Unruly has crunched the numbers to come up with the 10 most shared campaigns from Australia and New Zealand based on shares as opposed to views.

1.Dumb Ways to Die, McCann Melbourne for Metro Trains: Read more »

Hockey’s defamation win is dark news for democracy and free speech

michael douglas curtin universityIn this cross-posting from The Conversation Michael Douglas of Curtin University argues Joe Hockey’s defamation victory over Fairfax sets a dangerous precedent for free speech by Australian media outlets.

We should all be careful before saying anything that will hurt our politicians’ feelings: they might sue us for defamation. On Tuesday, Treasurer Joe Hockey was awarded A$200,000 damages against Fairfax Media in relation to a series of publications that focused on his political fundraising activities.

That this case was brought at all is ridiculous. That Hockey won is absurd. His victory marks a dark day for freedom of speech in Australia. Read more »

So you want to take your programmatic in house?

dan robbinsWith many marketers looking at taking their programmatic trading in house OMD’s Dan Robins sets out a few things they should consider before making the decision.

With the exponential growth of programmatic some brands are having conversations about “moving in house”, using their own trading desks rather than agencies’. Foxtel is a stand out success in doing so, plus a number of others have had rumblings.

Given much of the press conjecture, one could be forgiven for thinking agencies and brands sit on opposite sides of the fence from each other. Read more »

Why we need to apply behavioural science to help stop gun killings

simon cornettIn this guest post Simon Corbett argues behavioural science shows why incidents like the Charleston massacre won’t stop in the US until gun laws are changed. 

“If he didn’t have a gun then he would have made an IED or just found another way… he was crazy and intent to take lives”

That is almost certainly not true and BJ Fogg, head of persuasion technology at Stanford University can explain to us why. Not that any pro-gun morons are going to listen. Read more »

The Aussie Cannes Lions haul is the lowest in four years – so do we suck at creativity?

Alex HayesAustralia took home the least Cannes Lions from Cannes in four years, but it’s the categories there was success in which tells the real story argues Mumbrella editor Alex Hayes.

It’s probably quite telling that the first thing I saw about this year’s Cannes Lions after ending a two-week media blackout yesterday was that tweet of a couple getting it on on the red carpet at the Palais.

Telling because there hasn’t exactly been a lot to shout about for the reporters who made the 24-hour journey to the south of France from an awards perspective – just 59 overall and not a Grand Prix amongst them. Read more »

The ABC versus News Corp and Abbott: This farce is about politics, not terrorism

tim burrowes landscapeThis week’s scandal over Q&A’s decision to allow a former radical on air is being fuelled by cynical self-interest on the part of the Government and News Corp, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes.

So I’m an idiot.

On Tuesday, when the ABC admitted it had blundered over the previous night’s Q&A episode, I told all and sundry: “That was smart. Now it’ll be a one-day story and everybody will move on.”

That’s not quite how it turned out. Read more »

Why the new business beauty contest is bullshit

Nic ChristensenAgencyland’s relentless focus on new business and pitching is increasingly hurting both clients and agencies alike, argues Nic Christensen

If there’s one question I get from agency bosses, more than any other, it is this: “Any new gossip on what’s pitching?”

After two and half years at Mumbrella, and close to four years as a media/marketing writer, you get accustomed to the fact that agency heads – be they media or creative – always have one eye on potential new business.

But what worries me is the growing pressure on agencies to deliver a big, fat, fresh new piece of meat, (aka a major client), every couple of months. Read more »

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