While Rome burns, we are busy building a new city

Bec BridesonIn this guest post Bec Brideson explains how women are moving to start their own agencies founded on different principles to traditional shops.

It started when a seemingly innocent PR announcement in a string of new hiring’s stirred up a hornets nest, which went global with global industry heavyweight Cindy Gallup’s tweets; then became the headline story for Mumbrella, AdNews and even Fairfax dailies. Read more »

Leo’s Friday afternoon tweets highlight the industry’s problems with equality

Miranda WardLeo Burnett has wasted a chance to strike a real blow for equality by tweeting its response to the storm its all-white, all-male press release generated 48-hours late on a Friday afternoon, argues Miranda Ward

Writing about the ad industry, it’s always been pretty evident there’s a gender inequality problem in the more senior ranks – usually because it’s me, a woman in her 20s, sitting across a table from an older man chatting about the ad business.

I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve met with senior women in creative agencies during my two years covering the space for Mumbrella.

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Why I’m discriminating with my new agency’s hires

peter bray 2015In this guest post Peter Bray says it makes no sense for agencies not to reflect the communities they are supposed to be targeting. 

I am involved with launching an agency in a few weeks here in the US that shall remain un-named, and we are in the process of “staffing up”. However, we already have a big problem: the founding partners are white males.

Most of our VC partners are predominantly led by white males. So the problem of diversity is one that is front of mind right now. Read more »

Filmmakers rejoice as Tropfest drops dead

David TaylorWhile films fans bemoan the sudden cancellation of Australia’s biggest short film festival Tropfest Michael Taylor says filmmakers will not miss it. 

There’s a perception that artistic institutions are inherently ‘good’ places. They’re ethical, liberal, open-minded and strong proponents of free speech. While the banks, mining companies and law firms are ripping people off, the film and music festivals are balancing the scales by contributing to our rich culture, supporting free speech and providing an outlet for artists to express themselves.

That’s the perception. Read more »

Tropfest cancellation bad news for adland as the industry loses a nursery

simon canning-picThe cancellation of Tropfest will impact much further than just those who enjoyed a picnic on the grass. Simon Canning fears a crucial nursery for filmmakers is in peril.

The sudden cancellation of Tropfest will reverberate far beyond the picnic-hamper toting short film fans who gathered annually to see the next generation of talent on the silver screen. Read more »

The ad industry’s secret shame

AlexAdvertising has always been a white boy’s club, but now is the time to change that argues Alex Hayes. 

Cindy Gallop’s tirade yesterday about Leo Burnett Sydney’s creative hires being five white men has caused a lot of commentary. What worries me is the amount which are to the effect of ‘there’s nothing to see here’. Read more »

Five unspoken truths getting in the way of gender equality

After Cindy Gallop called out Leo Burnett for hiring five men to senior creative roles we revisit an opinion piece by Nitsa Lotus examining why more women are not working in creative roles.

I was having a corridor conversation the other day about the virtues of gender equality and on overhearing the conversation a senior male colleague asked, “Why are we still even talking about this?”

I agree.

Why the hell are we still having a conversation about gender equality in 2014? Read more »

Radio bosses: Rove and Sam marketing to start next year, Hughesy and Kate to get makeover


The seventh radio survey of the year threw up yet more interesting results. Nic Christensen talks to the FM radio bosses about the results and what the rest of 2015 has in store. 

When Guy Dobson’s competitors put the boot into him and Southern Cross Austreo, he has a simply response: “Put it this way, I’d much rather have Hamish and Andy doing our drive show than any of their lot.” Read more »

Ad tech marketers have valid opinions too

Ca PrestopinoIn this guest post Cat Prestipino says she is fed up of being marginalised by other marketers and publications just because she works in ad tech.

Warning: I’m about to get up on my soapbox.

There’s a divide brewing in the marketing industry in the B2B marketing sector. On one side, marketers who work for ad tech vendors. On the other side, all the other B2B marketers. The most unfortunate thing is that it’s not the marketers who have drawn these lines in the sand but the people who they work with. Read more »

How I helped a medical victim tell her story

Robyn Sefiani

When a hospital patient found that a nurse had taken an intimate photograph of her during a gynaecological procedure, she hired PR agency Sefiani Communications to tell her story. The result was widespread news coverage. In this guest-post Robyn Sefiani explains how the agency got the story out.    

It takes a lot of anger, determination and courage for an individual to step forward into the media spotlight to talk about something terrible that has happened to them.    Read more »

Credit where it’s due: David Gyngell

creditLogoFNl-234x1021-234x102The departure of David Gyngell from the helm of Nine ends an era in TV and marks the loss of a unique character, but his business success deserves Credit Where it’s Due.

There is unlikely to be another TV CEO in the mould of David Gyngell, a throwback to the old school of doing business where punches are thrown, sensibilities offended and TV was king – and for that alone, we give him Credit Where It’s Due.

Read more »

Five things to know about the new CEO of Nine Hugh Marks

Hugh-MarksOn Tuesday Hugh Marks steps into the hotseat vacated by David Gyngell at the helm of one of Australia’s biggest media companies, Nine Entertainment Co. But who exactly is he? 

Here are five things you need to know about Hugh Marks: Read more »

Family a fitting epitaph for Neil Lawrence in his last work for Qantas

simon canning-picAfter his last work for Qantas went to air last night Simon Canning looks back at his dealings with Neil Lawrence, one of the ad industry’s good guys.

Last night saw the debut of one of the last works of a commercial artist who had come to influence how Australians vote, how they flew, the TV they watched, the food they ate, the causes they supported and so much more.

For Neil Lawrence, who was lost to us far too soon, the two minute film for Qantas is a fitting epitaph. Read more »

Thumb-stopping creativity: How to win the three second audition

Naomi ShepherdIn a mobile focused world, Naomi Shepherd looks at what brands must do to capture consumer attention. 

Our love of mobile gives marketers endless opportunities to connect with people via great content but the rules of engagement have changed.

Gone are the days of captive TV audiences willing to give brands three minutes of undivided attention in breaks between their favourite TV shows.

Today, the thumb is in charge and three seconds is all you’ve got. Read more »

Defining branded content: Does anyone really care?

Justin Drape

The definitions for branded content are evolving and broadening. Steve Jones argues the industry is confusing branded content with branded entertainment and that they are two very different things. 

It may not have been the most eloquent of definitions but you knew exactly what Justin Drape meant when he described content as “stuff”.

Asked at Mumbrella’s branded entertainment conference, BEfest, if there was “anything that couldn’t be described as content”, the co-founder and chief creative officer of The Monkeys momentarily pondered the question before saying he didn’t think there was. Read more »

Should SBS be launching a competitor to existing cash strapped gay press?

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.05.14 pmSBS is preparing to launch a new sexuality website focusing on LGBTI issues. Nic Christensen welcomes the initiative but worries the public broadcaster’s entrance might pose a major threat to other struggling gay media.

Let me be clear upfront: I welcome more reporting on issues around the complex issues involving sexuality and LGBTIQ issues.

The more of these stories in mainstream press it helps bring key issues and a fresh perspective to a broader Australian audience and can only be a good thing… right? Well not necessarily.  Read more »

News Connect: How News Corp’s data-driven partnership with Quantium works

News ConnectNews Corp has taken the plunge and launched a new data advertising solution called News Connect. Miranda Ward spoke to News’ head of digital sales strategy Cameron King about the new offering.

News Corp made a lot of announcements at its upfront style ‘Come Together’ event earlier this year. The most game changing of them was its partnership with Quantium to marry up its vast trove of online data with offline data called News Connect. Read more »

Does the rise of social media signal the death of the professional creative?

Simon VeksnerIn this guest post, Simon Veksner argues that the glut of user generated content may finally bring about its long-threatened transformation of the marketing landscape.

Clients, you still have a job. Planners, you still have a job. Creatives, don’t get too comfortable. Read more »

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